10 Best Tactical Backpack In 2023

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Best Tactical Backpack
Tactical Backpack

Now is the time to upgrade your equipment with the best tactical backpack. The equipment you require in the field, such as firearms, ammo, and tools, cannot be transported in a typical backpack. 

The finest tactical backpack features pockets specifically made to hold and arrange your equipment. You want to avoid fumbling around the field, wondering where the next pocket of salt is. 

Investing in the best tactical backpack will enable you to conserve time and effort and increase your field productivity. For hiking check the best hiking backpack.

Here Is The List Of The 10 Best Tactical Backpacks In 2023 You Need To Consider:

Different people utilize tactical backpacks for various purposes. They can be used, for instance, by hikers and anyone who must transport items from one location to another, such as when they are at work. 

People who are in the military can also utilize them. This blog’s goal is to provide you with a list of the top ten tactical backpacks to consider before making a purchase.

1. REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack
Reebow gear Military Tactical Backpack


  • Brand: Tribit, 
  • Speaker type: Outdoor, 
  • Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth, 
  • Power source: Battery powered, 
  • Dimension: 6.9×2.2×2.3 inches, 
  • Weight: 13.04 Oz.

The REEBOW GEAR Military Bag is an excellent tactical backpack suitable for outdoor and indoor use and daily use.

It contains molle webbing on the outside that allows you to connect numerous tactical extra pouches or accessories and quickly tailor this backpack to your specific needs.

And REEBOW is a multipurpose bag with two main front pockets containing your necessities, such as clothing, books, shoes, and so on.

A third compartment is created inside the main bag to carry your laptop, tablet, or other items.

This tactical backpack is also composed of a robust canvas material that will endure any damage you throw at it while remaining comfortable and practical.

Moreover, the bag is adjustable and removable, allowing you to wear it on your back, shoulders, or wherever you like.
Finally, a wide mesh window on the side of the bag keeps you cool when wearing the backpack, making it one of the best tactical backpacks.


  • Made of high-density fabric–durable and water-resistant
  • Military-grade zippers
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Ventilated mesh padded


  • The pockets inside the zipper pockets are a little awkward

2. G4Free Outdoor Tactical Bag Backpack

G4Free Outdoor Tactical Bag Backpack
G4Free Outdoor Tactical Bag Backpack


  • Brand: Comiso, 
  • Speaker type: Outdoor, 
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 
  • Power source: Battery powered, 
  • Dimension: 2.8×5.7 inch, 
  • Weight: 13 ounces.

The G4Free Outdoor Tactical Bag is a great tactical backpack for all outdoor activities. 

It’s a multipurpose backpack meant to organize your belongings by storing them in numerous sections. 

And this G4Free lightweight backpack is also suitable for carrying first aid supplies and personal stuff.

This backpack makes outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, sports, and hunting possible. The bag is lightweight, long-lasting, and handy. 

It’s ideal for carrying daily necessities such as a mobile phone, wallet, keys, and other small items.

This tactical bag is composed of robust and sturdy lightweight 600D polyester fabric. It boasts a robust adjustable shoulder strap, a double zipper closing, and a soft carry handle for convenient carrying. 

Each side of the bag has a snap pocket to keep your belongings tidy and easily accessible. it is best for everyday carry
To accommodate larger objects, the main compartment includes an extra-large aperture. There’s also a convenient mesh pocket in the center for storing your smartphone and keys.


  • High-Quality 600D Polyester Fabric.
  • Padded Handle with adjustable strap for easy carrying.
  • Double Zip Closure.
  • Made of 100% polyester


  • Excessive weight causes a bit of discomfort

3. 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack

11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack
11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack


  • Brand: Cambridge Soundworks, 
  • Speaker type: Outdoor, 
  • Connectivity: Wireless, 
  • Power source: Battery powered, 
  • Dimension: 5.25×2.6×2.8 inches, 
  • Weight: 9 ounces.

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Tactical Backpack is among the top tactical backpacks on the market. It is fairly big and has enough room for everyday necessities.

This tactical backpack also has a detachable and washable lining to keep your belongings clean and tidy.

And this backpack’s main compartment is spacious enough to carry all of your stuff on lengthy treks or overnight adventures, but it also offers enough storage space for your everyday items.

The front of the bag incorporates a cushioned, foam-lined grab-and-go handhold for stability and rapid access to the backpack’s different compartments.

This 5.11 Tactical Rush backpack has plenty of space for camping and trekking. Four easy-to-open and close sections make it simple to arrange your goods.

Besides, this 5.11 Tactical Rush backpack is composed of high-quality nylon, making it both robust and lightweight. Its laptop sleeve is perfect.

Overall, I suggest this tactical bag because it is fashionable and functional. It is ideal for those who prefer to travel light while having enough storage space for their daily necessities.


  • Lightweight; suitable for everyday carry bags
  • Military-style tactical backpack
  • Has a sturdy and rugged construction
  • Quick and easy access to gear


  • Can be heavy for some

4. Huntvp 10L/20L Mini Daypack

Huntvp 10L 20L Mini Daypack
Huntvp 10L 20L Mini Daypack


  • Brand: BUGANI, 
  • Speaker type: Outdoor, 
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Auxiliary, 
  • Power source: Battery powered, 
  • Dimension: 112.72 x 6.69 x 4.37 inches, 
  • Weight: 4.42 lbs.

small tactical backpack with a 10L/20L capacity, the Huntvp 10L/20L Mini Daypack is intended to be portable and light.

It also makes a great daypack because it has many sections for organizing and storage. The nylon fabric used to make this compact backpack is strong and resilient.

Additionally, it features several compartments and zippers that can fit a variety of objects. Your smartphone or tablet may also be kept in the main compartment’s sections.

And the daypack has MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carry Equipment), intended to increase its adaptability. 

Using the MOLLE pouch, you may increase the number of pouches, storage places, and compartments in the bag.

You can fit many things in this handy pack while still having room for more. Overall, this backpack is excellent for a wide range of uses. 

This tactical backpack is fantastic for people who need a lot of kit on their back and still have room for more.


  • Can fit most 10″ tablets and small laptop computers
  • Has plenty of space for all of your small belongings
  • Has a zipper to keep everything in place
  • Comfortable and easy to carry


  • This Bag is not designed to carry a lot of books

5. Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Tactical Backpack

Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Tactical Backpack


  • Brand: MusiBaby, 
  • Speaker type: Outdoor, 
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 
  • Power source: Battery powered, 
  • Dimension: 12.91 x 2.91 x 4.84 inches, 
  • Weight: 12.3 ounces

A well-designed and incredibly useful backpack is the Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Tactical Backpack. It is strong and durable since it is constructed of premium polyester.

This backpack is ideal for daily usage because it is built for the outdoors and has all the storage compartments you need to organize your daily necessities.

It also boasts a comfy shoulder strap and a cushioned, ventilated mesh back panel, which make it highly comfortable and simple to carry.

This Samurai Tactical backpack is perfect for individuals searching for a cozy and breathable bag because the back is made of a mesh panel that enables air to pass through.

With a 24-liter capacity, the main compartment of this backpack is roomy and big, making it perfect for a weekend vacation or a day excursion.

The main compartment contains a zipped pocket that may be used to keep cash or a phone in addition to the main container.
This backpack is a must-have if you’re seeking a compact, versatile bag that is also strong and made from dependable materials, making it one of the best tactical backpacks.


  • Large main compartment with well-padded shoulder strap
  • Top carry handle
  • Ventilation mesh padded back area
  • Load compression system on both sides


  • There is a possibility of a misaligned side release buckle.

6. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools SOG Ninja Tactical Daypack Backpack

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools SOG Ninja Tactical Daypack Backpack
SOG Specialty Knives Tools SOG Ninja Tactical Daypack Backpack


  • Brand: Doss, 
  • Speaker type: Outdoor, 
  • Connectivity: Auxiliary, Bluetooth, 
  • Power source: Battery powered, 
  • Dimension: 7.8 x 2 x 2.5 inches, 
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces.

The Backpack is a functional and cozy backpack made for the active guy who needs quick access to his things wherever he goes.

Your phone, wallet, keys, and other items may be stored in the large main area, which features two pockets, a sternum strap, and a zipped pocket. On the front, a different zipped pocket may carry your headphones, iPod, etc.

This bag is made to be worn all day. You may wear it by the hip or over your shoulder. You can alter the length of the pack to suit thanks to the adjustable straps comfortably.

Overall, this backpack is quite functional and can be utilized for several tasks. Additionally, it is an eye-catching backpack that will draw attention.


  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Large main compartment
  • Adjustable sternum slider


  • Small water bladder pocket

7. Monoki Tactical Sling Backpack

Monoki Tactical Sling Backpack
Monoki Tactical Sling Backpack


  • Brand: JBL, 
  • Speaker type: Outdoor, 
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wireless, Micro USB, 
  • Power source: Battery powered, 
  • Dimension: 3.7 x 5.1 x 8.9 inches, 
  • Weight: 1.74 pounds.

Anyone seeking a tactical sling bag from Monoki that can hold all they need while traveling would love it.

It has ample capacity for your laptop and lots of storage for your daily essentials, including a hydration pocket. A safety feature built within you is a whistle, which you may use to notify people of your whereabouts if necessary.

This backpack’s molle system, which enables you to connect whatever you want, is another fantastic feature. You may fasten it to your vest, belt, or even a piece of rope for increased security.

I particularly appreciate that this backpack is composed of mesh and nylon fabric, which makes it cozy and breathable. Because the materials are robust enough to withstand everything you can throw at it, it is also incredibly durable.

The Monoki Tactical Sling Backpack is a fantastic bag that can handle almost any duty you put on it.


  • Durable nylon material
  • Waterproof nylon and PU coating
  • Zipper closure
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • The zipper is stiff

8. CVLIFE Tactical Backpack

CVLIFE Tactical Backpack
CVLIFE Tactical Backpack


  • Brand: Bose, 
  • Speaker type: Outdoor, 
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 
  • Power source: Battery powered, 
  • Dimension: 1.4 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches, 
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces

This fantastic tactical backpack from CVLIFE can accommodate the demands of most users.

The 600D polyester material used to make the military backpack is tough and long-lasting, so it will withstand the test of time. There is sufficient space for all the equipment required to go on a day trek, a camping excursion, or a military operation.

Water, food, first aid supplies, and even a whistle may all be stored in the backpacks’ numerous compartments. Your laptop, tablet, phone, and other items have plenty of space in the spacious main compartment.

The military backpack’s cushioned shoulder straps make it quite comfortable to wear. Due to the usage of 600D polyester, it is also incredibly light and strong enough to survive heavy-duty use.

I appreciate that the military bag has plenty of space for all your hiking supplies. The military backpack’s numerous mesh compartments that enable air to pass through make it incredibly simple to clean. Ultimately, this is a great tactical backpack that offers excellent value.



  • Waterproof lining
  • Padded adjustable sternum strap
  • Large zippered pocket
  • 2M MOLLE webbing for attachment of pouches and accessories


  • Some people criticize shoulder straps

9. Mardingtop 35L Tactical Backpacks

Mardingtop 35L Tactical Backpacks
Mardingtop 35L Tactical Backpacks


  • Brand: Bose, 
  • Speaker type: Outdoor, 
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 
  • Power source: Battery powered, 
  • Dimension: 1.4 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches, 
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces

This Mardingtop 35L Tactical Backpack features 600D polyester, a rain cover, YKK buckles, and zippers, making it one of the best tactical backpacks on the market.

This tactical backpack has a comfortable design and can be carried as a daily backpack. The main body of this bag is made of 600D polyester, and the shoulder strap is made of 600D nylon.

This bag has a hydration compartment inside, and the front has a storage pouch for your phone and keys. The padded mesh pocket of this bag is perfect for holding a wallet, money, and some papers.

The back of this bag is made of padded material, and the side of this bag is also padded. This bag has a waist belt that can keep your stuff in place.

There is a patch area on the back of this bag where you can attach your favorite badges. The bottom of this bag is made of PVC plastic material, and you can use it for hanging your sleeping bag, tent, or hammock.

This is a good tactical backpack for the money, especially for those looking for a small, light backpack that will fit comfortably in their daily bag.


  • The main zipper is YKK
  • The waist belt is stitched
  • The shoulder straps and side pockets are PU coated
  • There is a padded compartment for a laptop


  • It is not recommended for hiking by some people

10. VooDoo Tactical Men’s Deluxe

VooDoo Tactical Men’s Deluxe
VooDoo Tactical Men’s Deluxe


  • Brand: Bose, 
  • Speaker type: Outdoor, 
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 
  • Power source: Battery powered, 
  • Dimension: 1.4 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches, 
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces

A compact camping bag made expressly to hold the supplies required for mountain rescue operations is the VooDoo Tactical Men’s Deluxe.

This bag’s key selling point is its ability to store a wide range of equipment in several easily accessible sections. Its padded shoulder straps are of good quality.

Numerous practical compartments in this backpack are roomy enough to fit practically any type of equipment, including a helmet, torch, first aid kit, GPS, water bottles, and other important items.

And it is constructed from tough packcloth fabric, which offers exceptional durability. Additionally, it can support loads of up to 30 pounds.

The absence of any form of electrical protection is the sole downside of this bag. Therefore, if you’re searching for a tough bag that’s convenient to use and adaptable, this bag will be ideal for you.


  • High capacity
  • Compatible with PALS XL System
  • Durable and compact
  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • May not be suitable for use with PALS System

What To Look For When Buying Small Tactical Backpacks?

Numerous factors need to be taken into account while choosing a tactical backpack. How much storage space you require is among the most critical factors. On your heavy duty, you can use this backpack. Try to buy a waterproof backpack or make your backpack waterproof.

You must ensure that the backpack has adequate capacity for everything you need to carry, such as a first aid kit, a water bottle, and a laptop.

What is a Small Tactical Backpack For?

small tactical backpack is a fantastic choice if you need a compact enough to take around town but enough space to carry the necessities for a day walk. 

These bags are ideal for people who carry their possessions on their backs but want to avoid hauling a large bag.

What Do You Carry In A Small Tactical Bag?

A tactical bag can be something you want to carry if you are always on the move. Since tactical bags are lightweight and portable, carrying them is simple. 

Everything you require for a day at work or a weekend getaway with friends may fit in a small tactical bag. Pack your backpack for a successful trip with the tactical backpack in no time. For individuals who have little room in their car or bag, it’s an excellent solution.

What Kind of Backpack Does the Military Use?

The military uses backpacks to transport its supplies and equipment. Although there are many various kinds of backpacks available, they all have the same fundamental features. 

In addition to hauling equipment and supplies, they also give the soldiers who utilize their comfort. 

The military knows that the troops would be carrying heavy equipment and need to carry it without straining; therefore, they utilize backpacks with lots of cushioning and support.

What Should I Pack in My Tactical Backpack?

You should include a tactical backpack in your emergency supply bag. The easiest method to pack a tactical backpack is to consider your needs for a wilderness adventure. 

It’s vital to pack items that will keep you alive and enable you to endure until help can be reached. 

A knife, water, food, and a fire starter are just a few of the necessities you should include in your bag.

If you want more camping tips you can read our blog about – Best Camping Tips for Beginners.

Here are the top 10 benefits of a tactical backpack:

1. Keep your tactical gear organized and in one place.

2. Lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry.

3. Durable, water-resistant, and made with premium materials.

4. Comfortable to wear due to the padded back panel.

5. Multiple compartments for quick and easy access to your gear.

6. Includes external zipper pouches for easy access to your items.

7. It Can be worn as a backpack, messenger bag, or sling bag.

8. Comfortable straps and padded shoulder straps for long-term comfort.

9. Reflective material on the front of the pack for increased visibility during low-light situations.

10. Durable and lightweight materials that resist puncture, tearing, and abrasion

Buying Guide Of Best Tactical Backpack:

A tactical backpack is a sort of backpack designed for military or law enforcement usage. These backpacks are intended to carry hefty loads and are often built of robust fabrics resistant to various adverse situations. 

Some of these backpacks are also intended to offer the wearer a high level of protection. This is why these specially built backpacks are referred to as tactical backpacks. This is a guide to assisting you in selecting the finest tactical backpack for your needs.

Make a budget plan

When purchasing a tactical backpack, you must determine your budget to select the finest option. The cost of a pack will vary based on the materials used, the features included, and the size. The greater the price, the more features are provided. When looking for a backpack, you will want to examine various aspects. 

The materials used, the size, the kind of zipper, the number of compartments, the number of straps and a hip belt, the harness system, the number of pockets, the durability, the construction quality, and the general comfort are all factors to consider.

Affective Mobility

Tactical backpacks are designed with mobility in mind. It doesn’t matter how much you can carry; what matters is that you can carry it in a way that helps you to move smoothly. 

The design of a tactical backpack is one of the most crucial aspects that distinguish it from a standard bag. A tactical pack moves with your body, allowing you to conduct high-performance motions without feeling off-balance or burdened.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

The shoulder straps should be adjustable as well. This implies that when carrying a big weight, you should be able to adjust how the bag lays on your shoulders. 

The strap should include a zipper that lets you quickly change the straps to fit your shoulders. You should be able to tighten the straps enough to keep the bag in place. 

It is also critical that the straps be constructed of a robust material. The straps should withstand a large amount of weight before stretching and breaking.

A variety of pockets

The variety of pockets available is one of the most prevalent reasons individuals choose a tactical backpack over a conventional one. You have a lot more pocket options with a tactical pack. 

A tactical pack will also be built to be lighter and more robust, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who enjoy hiking or camping. You should also seek a tactical pack that is simple to clean. 

Some pockets will be waterproof, but you can clean them. For the finest tactical backpack, search for a pack with a sternum strap for added support.


The zipper is the one thing that can keep your equipment and stuff safe and secure. After a year or two of usage, cheap zippers can snap off. If your zipper fails, you’ll be left with a backpack that isn’t worth the money. 

A decent zipper should last the pack’s life, if not longer. These are the zippers that are worthwhile purchasing.

Design and Quality 

A tactical backpack is intended to be utilized in emergency and severe conditions. When purchasing a tactical backpack, remember what you intend to use it for. 

For durability and weatherproofing, certain backpacks are designed and manufactured of high-density nylon. 

Others may be appropriate for wading through streams, while others are intended for a specific purpose, such as military, police departments, emergency medical services, or even hunting. 

Study the bag’s specs if you’re searching for a backpack that can be utilized in these conditions.

Backpack sizes for Tactical Gear

You’ll require a different size backpack depending on your activities. Tactical backpacks, for example, are meant to carry gear too thick or heavy to carry on your back comfortably. 

A pack that is too tiny will only carry a day pack, whereas a pack that is too large will not carry anything. Keep your activities and trip length in mind when deciding on a backpack size.

Handles for carrying

Tact tactical backpacks come in handy whenever you need to carry a lot of gear. If you want to avoid seeming like a commando, go for one with grips on both the top and one side. 

This configuration makes it easier to handle the bag in confined spaces, such as on an aircraft when trying to store your pack overhead. It would help if people also looked for a bag with a waist belt.

Pocket For Water Bottle

Water is one of the essential items to bring on a hiking trip. A backpacking journey would only be possible to complete with water. 

This is why it is vital to have a hydration system with you. Some packs have designated compartments for water bottles, while others feature space for storing a water bladder. This pouch accommodates a flat bladder as well as water bottles.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Backpack Does The Usmc Use?

A backpack is a canvas bag worn by the United States Marine Corps (USMC). The MOLLE backpack and the D-Ruck are the two primary types of backpacks used by the USMC. A bag with four pockets and a frame that makes it simpler to carry is called a “D-Ruck.”

What Backpacks Do Special Forces Use?

Special forces are a group of individuals that have undergone extensive training in sabotage, warfare, and espionage. They have to transport their equipment without creating any noise, which is one of the most challenging challenges. 

They mostly utilize backpacks to transport their equipment, but they also employ specialized gear like parachutes and rappelling ropes to assist them in moving it silently.

What Is The Point Of A Tactical Backpack?

A tactical backpack offers the best possible protection to the user while being utilized outside. They often contain more cushioning than ordinary backpacks and are composed of lightweight materials. 

They are made with a particular usage in mind, including military, law enforcement, camping, or hunting.

Final Words:

It was our pleasure to provide you with information about the best tactical backpack. We all know that backpacks play a significant role in daily life, especially for people who are always on the move. 

There are a few significant considerations for consumers searching for the ideal backpack before making a purchase. We happytravelever hope this post gives you some valuable information and helps you focus your search for the ideal backpack. 

Please let us know which of the mentioned tactical backpacks you like most and plan to purchase soon in the comment area.