Best Waterproof Tent For Camping [ Review + Buying Guide]

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Best Waterproof Tent For Camping
Waterproof Tent For Camping

Are you looking for the best waterproof tent on the market? If so, this article about the best camping tents for rain will surely help you. If you are an adventure lover, you must seek outdoor camping even in the rainy season.

But sometimes it becomes tough to camp during the rainy season. That is why we have come up with the best rainproof tents for you so that you can fully enjoy your camping without getting bothered by the rain. 

After going through several tests and practical user experience, we have chosen the eight best waterproof tents for camping. Among them, we found the Coleman Sudome Camping Tent best.

The WeatherTec system and patented welded floors with inverted seams make it the most waterproof tent on the market. Moreover, it is a comfortable and budget-friendly option. 

However, remember that every tent mentioned in this is only ideal if you are looking for the best camping tents for rain. Besides being rainproof, these tents have many extra features that will provide comfort and keep you dry. Each tent has different unique features. So, choose the best one depending on your need. 

A buyer’s guide in this article will help you identify the best waterproof tent. Go through the guide and select the right tent for your next adventure.

1. Coleman Sundome Camping Tent- Best Rainproof Tent For Warm Weather

Coleman Sundome Camping Ten
Coleman Sundome Camping Ten

Product Features

  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.22 x 6.14 x 23.89 inches 
  • Item Weight: 7.5 Pounds 
  • Pole Material Type: Fiberglass pole
  • Shape: Dome
  • Installation Type: Easy Set-up in 10 minutes 
  • Closer Type: Zipper
  • Sturdy Frame: The strong frame can withstand 35+ mph winds 
  • Pole Attachment Type: Insta-Clip pole attachment 
  • Seasons: 3-season tent
  • Base Material: Polyguard 
  • Floor Area: 35 square feet

If you are looking for the best waterproof tents for camping, you can go for the Coleman Sudome camping tent. It is a 2-person dome tent, so two people can accommodate freely inside the tent. One of the most attractive parts of this tent is its quick and easy set-up. So, to enjoy your time outdoors, this tent from Coleman is worth buying. 

Another notable feature of this tent is its WeatherTec System. This system makes it a water-resistant tent, which makes it the most suitable for camping. The covered seams and patented welded floors prevent the rainwater from invading your tent. Also, the rainfly’s integrated door makes it a rainproof tent by preventing water from getting inside the tent. 

Moreover, this tent is well-known for its enhanced ventilation. The large windows and ground vents keep the air inside cool, which makes the tent suitable for warm weather. Also, the bodyguard 2x double-thick fabric is durable and lasts several years. 

The storage pocket inside the tent is a great help for the campers. You can easily store your accessories and camping gear without fear of losing them. Also, the E-port makes your camping easier by bringing electric power inside the tent.


  • Spacious enough 
  • It offers excellent ventilation. 
  • Waterproof tent
  • High-quality material 
  • Durable


  • It is not a good option for cold weather.

2. Coleman Montana 6/8 Person Family Camping Tent- Best Weather-Resistant Tent

2. Coleman Montana 6 8 Person Family Camping Tent
Coleman Montana Family Camping Tent

Product Features

  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 27 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches 
  • Item Weight: 22.3 Pounds 
  • Pole Material Type: Fiberglass 
  • Style: Tent
  • Installation Type: Freestanding 
  • Closer Type: Zipper
  • Sturdy Frame: The strong frame can withstand 35+ mph winds 
  • Fabric Material: Taffeta 
  • Seasons: 3-season tent 
  • Floor Area: 10.4 square meters
  • Special Feature: Angled windows and rainfly

If you are looking for the best weather-resistant tent, the Coleman Montana family camping tent will surely attract your eyes. This tent from the Coleman brand provides superior weather protection with its rainfly and strong frame. The robust frame can withstand up to 35 plus MPH winds. 

The unique features of the Coleman Montana tent are its hinged door and angled windows. The extended awning of the hinged door makes the opening and closing effortless. Next, the angled windows make it a perfect camping tent for rain. You can keep the window open during rain, allowing air circulation in the tent. 

Moreover, the double-thick taffeta fabric provides longevity to the tent. So, you can use this tent for several years without any wear and tear. The conventional pitch of this tent allows you to set up the tent in 15 minutes. 

This waterproof tent includes rainfly, inverted seams, and welded corners preventing water from entering the tent. Also, the tent is spacious enough to accommodate 3 queen airbeds, which can easily fit 6-8 people. The E-port system of the tent makes your camping more comfortable by allowing you to run an extension cord through it.


  • It Can fit 3 queen airbeds 
  • Easy to set up
  • Long lasting fabric 
  • Lightweight 
  • Water resistance


  • It is not suitable for winter camping.
  • There is no storage pocket in this tent.

3. Coleman Camping Tent With Instant Set Up- Best Camping Tent For Heavy Rain

3. Coleman Camping Tent With Instant Set Up
Coleman Camping Tent With Instant Set Up

Product Features

  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.66 x 8.66 x 47.24 inches 
  • Occupant Capacity: 6 Person ten
  • Pole Material Type: Aluminum  
  • Style: Camping tent
  • Installation Type: Instant
  • Closer Type: Zipper
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Accommodates: 2 queen size air beds
  • Fabric Material: 100% Polyester 
  • Seasons: 3-season tent 
  • Special Feature: Darkroom technology and rainfly

The Coleman camping tent with instant set up name says it all, which means you can set this tent up within one minute. It is a one-piece tent where the poles are pre-attached to the tent to make your camping hassle-free. So, you do not have to waste time assembling the tent as you can simply unfold it and set it by extending the poles.

Moreover, it is one of the best camping tents for heavy rain due to its leak-free seams. The fully taped rainfly seams and tub-like floors with covered seams and patented cover welds keep the tent dry on rainy nights. 

Furthermore, the coated polyester fabric and anti-wicking thread make it a weather-resistant tent. The tent includes waterproof floors with welding technology that provides durability to the tent floor and avoids needle holes. Also, it can withstand high winds due to the wind-responsive frame. 

The unique feature of this waterproof camping tent is its Dark Room Technology. This technology allows the tent o block 90% of sunlight from invading the tent and eliminates the temperature build-up by 10%. 

Another feature of this tent is its convenient storage option. This feature will grab your attention because the carrying bag makes camping more convenient.


  • It Can fit 2 queen airbeds 
  • Instant set up
  • Blocks 90% of sunlight and reduces heat  
  • Lightweight 
  • Water resistance


  • There is no E-port 
  • There is no storage pocket in this tent.

4. Wakeman 2-Person Camping Tent- Best Known For The Removable Rainfly

4. Wakeman 2-Person Camping Tent
Wakeman 2-Person Camping Tent

Product Features

  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 77 x 57 x 40 inches 
  • Item Weight: 3.1 Pounds
  • Occupant Capacity: 2-Person tent
  • Pole Material Type: Fiberglass poles
  • Shape: Dome tent
  • Installation Type: Easy set up
  • Closer Type: Zipper
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Number Of Poles: 2
  • Fabric Material: 190T Polyester
  • Rainfly Material: 190T Polyester  
  • Seasons: 3-season tent 
  • Floor Area: 30 Square Feet
  • Special Feature: Lightweight and rainfly

If you are looking for the best waterproof camping tent, this rainproof tent from Wakeman is worth your money. It is a small 2-person tent, ideal for fishing and hiking with your friend. Also, this tent is suitable for spending alone time with your friend beside the beach. 

This heavy-duty waterproof camping tent has fiberglass poles that strongly support the tent. The well-ventilated window gives the tent excellent airflow to make you feel comfortable. So you won’t feel suffocated inside the tent. Moreover, it comes with a removable rainfly which you can add or remove as per the weather. ‘

The unique feature of this best rainproof tent is its dual-layer door. An inner screen layer is behind the zippered fabric layer, which gives good air circulation inside the tent. Also, the mesh ventilation door helps keep the mosquito out of the tent and lets the air breeze inside the tent. 

Moreover, this waterproof tent for camping is lightweight and easy to carry. The 190T polyester rainfly and tent material is lightweight. Also, you can easily set up this tent within a minute. This tent includes a carrying bag for storing the tent and outdoor gear.


  • Easy to set up
  • It has a storage pocket  
  • It provides a great air-circulation
  • Lightweight 
  • Water resistance


  • There is no E-port

5. Core 9-person Instant Cabin Tent- Best Waterproof Tent With Mesh Ceiling

5. Core 9-person Instant Cabin Tent
Core 9-person Instant Cabin Tent

Product Features

  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 48 x 11 x 11 inches 
  • Item Weight: 27.62 Pounds
  • Pole Material Type: Steel
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Installation Type: Instant
  • Closer Type: Zipper
  • Number of Doors:
  • Fabric Type: Polyester 
  • Base Material: Polyethylene
  • Seasons: 3-season tent 
  • Maximum Height: 78 inches 

If you are looking for waterproof tents for families with time-saving, instant set-up, the Core 9-person tent would be a great choice. This tent has a 14’ x 9’ floor plan, easily accommodating nine people in a single wall without counting the luggage and additional gear.

However, if you have lots of luggage during camping, you need to minimize the number of campers. 

The unique feature of this tent is its advanced venting system. The most waterproof tents do not have mesh ceilings. However, unlike typical waterproof tents for camping, this tent from Core has a mesh ceiling, allowing hot air to escape from the tent. Also, the advanced air intake vents allow cool air to come in, which helps you to keep in the warm weather.

Camping with your family means having some quality time with your family. The oversized mesh panel of this tent allows you to enjoy the sky view during both the day and night. Also, the removable rainfly will get you covered in heavy rains.

The rain fly is made of thick tape fabric, so there is no way of strong wind and rain running your family camping. 

Another unique feature of this best waterproof tent is its H20 block technology. It has special seams, from rainfly to the tent floor, blocking the water from coming in. 

Moreover, the large T door and the room divider will catch your attention. The large T-door provides easy access and excellent airflow. And the detachable room divider is a unique feature of this tent, providing privacy for the family members. You can easily attach and remove them as per your need.


  • Spacious enough 
  • Multiple rooms set up
  • It has a great ventilation system  
  • Water-repellant 
  • Durable


  • It does not have an E-port.

6. Pacific Pass 4-person Family Dome Tent- Best For Ventilation

6. Pacific Pass 4-person Family Dome Tent
Pacific Pass 4-person Family Dome Tent

Product Features

  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 108.3 x 82.7 x 59.8 inches 
  • Item Weight: 7.92 Pounds
  • Occupant Capacity: 4-Person tent
  • Pole Material Type: Aluminum poles
  • Shape: Dome tent
  • Installation Type: Ground Mount
  • Closer Type: Zipper
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Number Of Poles: 2
  • Fabric Material: 190T Polyester with 63D and 1500MM water-resistant fabric
  • Seasons: 3-season tent 
  • Floor Area: 63 Square Feet
  • Special Feature: Lightweight and easy to carry

The high-quality 4 -person Pacific Pass family dome tent will enhance your camping experience in the rainy season. It is a weatherproof tent with a durable 190T polyester rainfly and water-resistant floor.

This heavy-duty waterproof camping tent is made with 1500MM water-resistant fabric, which helps to keep you dry in heavy rains.

Moreover, the 1500 and 63D water-resistant fabric with durable nylon zippers makes the tent last several years. The tent fabric is lightweight, so you can easily carry it around while camping. Also, the 24 x 6.89 inches carry bag will make camping easier. 

This best waterproof tent is a unique, versatile design that amazes people. It has two zippered windows for good air circulation throughout the camping session. Also, the flysheet and the tent’s gauze provide ventilation and help to keep the tent dry. 

Furthermore, the tent is spacious enough to accommodate four people at a time. If you plan a camping trip with your family and friends, this tent will provide a cozy experience. The special thing about this tent is that it has two storage pockets and an E-port system to bring electricity inside the tent. 

Another unique feature of this tent is its hook at the top. This hook is specially designed for a lantern, so you do not have to worry about where to place the lantern. The peak height of this tent is 60 inches, which means an adult can fit inside the tent comfortably.


  • Easy to set up
  • It has two storage pockets to keep outdoor gear 
  • It has a good ventilation system
  • Lightweight 
  • Water resistance


  • None

7. Core Tents For Family Camping- Best Known For Huge Interior Space

7. Core Tents For Family Camping
Core Tents For Family Camping

Product Features

  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 27 x 9 x 9 inches 
  • Occupant Capacity: 9 Person tent
  • Pole Material Type: Fiberglass  
  • Shape: Dome Tent
  • Installation Type: Free Standing 
  • Closer Type: Zipper
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Accommodates: 3 queen size air beds
  • Fabric Material: Polyester 
  • Seasons: 3-season tent 
  • Floor Area: 144 Square Feet 
  • Maximum Height: 72 Inches

If you are looking for a family tent for heavy rain, this 9-person tent from the Core brand won’t disappoint you. The 16’ x 9’ inches floor fits nine people at a time. It comes with two additional ridge poles that increase the inner space of the tent.

However, if you plan on taking more luggage and additional gear, there won’t be enough space for nine people to fit in. 

The unique feature of this tent is the removable rainfly. It allows you to enjoy the outside view by staying inside the tent. Also, the removable rainfly will cover you if the rain starts suddenly. You can easily cover your tent with the rainfly and block rainwater from coming inside. 

Moreover, it is the best tent for heavy rain due to the H2O Block Technology. The entire tent is seam sealed from rainfly to the tent floor, letting the water stay outside. Also, the advanced venting system of this tent is worth mentioning.

The advanced vents keep the tent cool by escaping hot air through the large mesh ceiling. 

There is an E-port inside the tent, which lets you run electrical power. Another unique feature is the PU-coated fabric. This fabric helps to keep the moisture out of the tent. Also, there is a storage pocket that helps to keep your gear organized.


  • It Can fit 3 queen airbeds
  • Well-ventilated with mesh ceiling  
  • Lightweight 
  • Water resistance 
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for winter camping

8. Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent with Instant Setup- Best Known for The Taped Floor Seams

8. Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent With Instant Setup
Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent With Instant Setup

Product Features

  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 90 x 53 x 35 inches
  • Installation Type: Pop-up
  • Person: 2-person tent
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Closer Type: Zipper
  • Fabric Type: Polyester
  • Seasons: 3-season tent  
  • Floor Area: 33.08 square feet
  • Special Feature: Pop-up and rainfly

Among the small 2-person tents, the Coleman Pop-up camping tent with an instant setup is one of the best options for rain. If you love camping, do not let the rainwater stop you from experiencing great adventures in life.

This 2-person pop-up camping tent is easy to set up. You can instantly set the tent up within 10 seconds and start camping. 

It also works as a car camping tent. This tent has an adjustable rainfly that will protect you from strong winds and heavy rains. Also, the taped floor seams help to keep you dry inside the tent during the rainy season. 

The Coleman pop-up camping tent is easy to fold, which makes it easier to carry and store. Also, this best waterproof tent has gear pockets on the tent walls to keep your accessories without worrying about losing them.


  • Fast setup within 10 seconds 
  • It has gear pockets 
  • Taped floor offers dryness 
  • Well-ventilated 
  • Rainproof tent


  • It does not have an E-port.

Buying Guide

Most waterproof tents in the market will surely save you from rainwater. But besides checking the water-resistant quality, there are some other things that you must take into consideration. If you want to buy the best waterproof tent for camping, you must look into the following criteria- 


Space is the most essential thing you must consider before buying a waterproof tent. Whether you want a 2,4,6, or 9-person tent, you must look at whether the tent is spacious enough as per your need. First, you have to keep in mind how many people you are going to camp. So, depending on the number of people, buy a camping tent

Remember, you must take some extra outdoor gear for emergency cases while camping. So, this gear will use some space inside your tent. You must always calculate the interior space wisely to comfortably move and sleep inside the tent, including the additional equipment. 

Also, in the case of the best waterproof tent, space is crucial as you might need to spend a lot of time inside the tent due to continuous rain. That is why you must ensure enough space inside for extra headspace and elbow room so that the people do not suffocate. 

Easy Set-Up 

The next thing you need to focus on while buying waterproof tents for camping is the set-up system. While camping during the rainy season, you must look for easily set-up tents. For example, the instant set-up tent or the pop-up tents are the best options for the rainy season.

If it starts raining just after you arrive at the camping site, it would be a great hassle if you do not have an easy-to-set-up tent. So, in such cases, you must go for the option to set up the tent in less than 10 minutes quickly. The instant tent has pre-attached poles, making the setting much more manageable.

Weather Resistant 

Weather resistance is one of the essential factors that you must not avoid while searching for the best camping tent waterproof. It is vital to look for weather-resistant tents to avoid accidental situations in bad weather.

You won’t know how the weather will turn out while camping. That is why you must consider buying a weatherproof tent to handle all types of weather.

Now, how can you determine the weather resistance level of a tent? Well, the methods are simple.  All you have to do is look at the Hydrostatic Head (HH) value and wind-resisting capability. 

The HH value mainly measures the water pressure that a fabric can stand. The more HH value a tent has, the more pressure it can withstand. So, ensure the HH value is not less than 1200mm, which is the minimum requirement. However, buying a tent with a 5000-10,000mm value would be best. 

Another thing you must consider is the wind resistance capability of a tent. It is vital for a tent to give you protection against strong wind. So, always look for a tent that can withstand 10-35 mph winds. 

Seam Sealing 

A tent must be seam sealed if you want it to be waterproof. It is essential to look at whether a tent has seams sealed to prevent water from invading the tent. Generally, the tent fabric is stitched together to give a proper shape, so there might be tiny holes between the stitches. 

The seam sealing is vital to cover all the tiny holes in between the stitches. If you see a tent that is not seam-sealed, there is a higher chance of water leaking through the fabric stitches. 

Fabric Type 

The fabric type plays a vital role in choosing the best tents in the rain because the durability and longevity of the tent depend on it. Now, the best kind of fabrics for rainproof tents are polyester and taffeta. 

However, the fabric’s quality depends on the material’s thickness. Mostly, double-thick fabrics are best in the case of a waterproof camping tent. The more dense or thick a tent’s fabric is, the more tear-resistant it becomes.

But how to measure the fabric’s density ratings? These density measurements of the tent’s fabric are usually in numbers. It starts from 10D, 40D, 100D, 190T, and higher. 

Remember, the higher the fabric’s rating, the stronger the fabric. Also, be extra careful about the fabric of the tent floor. It is best if the tent floor is taped with higher fabric ratings. 


If you want comfort inside your waterproof camping tent, consider whether it has a sound ventilation system. Ventilation is vital in ensuring comfort while camping beside a riverside area or in a jungle. No matter where you camp, your tent must be well-ventilated. 

Remember, you have to spend your night inside the tent, so without a well-ventilated system, you will feel suffocated. Now, how can you understand whether the tent has good ventilation? Well, the process is easy. You have to look into the vents. The rainfly must have at least two vents so that the hot air can escape from the tent. 

Moreover, tents with angled windows are the best options to go for. If your tent has an angled window, you can keep the window open during rain. So, you can enjoy the rain without feeling hot inside the tent. 

Tent Poles 

The durability of a waterproof camping tent also depends on the quality of the tent poles. Fiberglass poles are an excellent option for weather-resistant tents. If you want a budget-friendly, durable waterproof camping tent, go for the fiberglass poles. 

However, poles with aluminum frames are the best option if you want something more robust. The aluminum poles have the highest ratings in case of durability and power. But you won’t get a budget-friendly option if you buy a camping tent with aluminum poles. 

Easy To Carry 

Getting a storage bag with a tent is like a bonus point. You must think about the comfortable the tent is to carry with you. Moreover, you must always look for a lightweight tent. The lightweight tents are easy to carry and set up. 

That is all! If you follow this simple guide before buying a waterproof camping tent, you will get the best one without any doubts.


How Long Do Tents Stay Waterproof? 

A tent does not stay waterproof forever. Over time, the waterproof coating over the tent gets off, losing its waterproof quality. So, if you use your tent every week in each year, you must reproof your tent every one-two year. 

Can Tents Survive Heavy Rain? 

Most of the tents in the market are water-resistant. But being water-resistant does not make them waterproof. To make your tent survive in heavy rains, you must apply durable water repellant (DWR) coating over the tent. Also, the tents must be seam-sealed from rainfly to the tent floor to prevent water leaking. 

What Is The Best Waterproof Tent?

There are multiple waterproof tents in the market. All of them claim to be the best. However, the top three tents are the Coleman 2-person Sundome tent, Coleman Elite Montana Tent, and the Coleman Instant Cabin tent. 

Can You Sleep In a Tent In The Rain? 

If you want to sleep in a tent during the rain pour, you must do a few things to keep you dry. First, you must have a rainfly to cover every tent opening, like windows, doors, and vents. Next, the rainfly fabric must have a waterproof coating.

Final Words

Here you go! You have now got the list of waterproof tents in one article! All the tents mentioned here are weather-resistant camping tents. Considering all the factors, the best waterproof tent is the Coleman Sundome Camping tent. Most people love this tent because of its weathered system and enhanced ventilation. Moreover, the polyguard base material makes it a perfect water-resistant tent

However, the Coleman Montana camping tent would be the perfect choice for a more spacious tent with waterproof quality. Though big, it has super weather protection in heavy rains. And thanks to the angled windows, which you can keep open during rain without letting the water enter!

If you are looking for the best waterproof backpacking tent, the Wakeman 2-person tent won’t disappoint you. There are other good options as well. Tents like Coleman Instant Cabin Tent, Core Instant cabin tent, Pacific Pass Family Tent, etc, are among the best options. 

However, you must know the most preferred features before buying a tent. Depending on your need, select the best option from this article. Moreover, this article’s buying guide will help you find the perfect match per your need. 

That is all! Choose the best waterproof camping tent and enjoy your camping!