Natural Way to Keep Bugs away When Camping in 2023.

Natural Way to Keep Bugs away When Camping
Natural way to keep bugs from camp

How to keep Bugs away from Camp

As we all know, camping is a fun and adventurous way of exploring life and nature, but this joy ride can turn into trouble in no time because of bugs. Yes, I am talking about insects. They can be a pain in your neck and ruin your trip, making you uncomfortable and likely to various diseases. If you want to know how to keep bugs away from camp then read the whole article.

Natural ways to keep bugs away when camping

There are many ways to resist Mosquitoes and bugs, but today we will be discussing the alternative way, natural ways to keep bugs away when camping. Believe it or not, it is possible to repel bugs naturally, and so you don’t have to rely on chemicals, sprays anymore.

Let me discuss some tips and tricks that will keep you safe from bugs while enjoying your camping site.

Essential oils that have bug repellent properties

Catnip Oil :

Certified by the EPA, catnip oil is one of the most effective ways to douse off mosquito bites. Catnip plants are easy to grow, and thus they can easily provide you with the protection you have been looking for. If you don’t have time and space for growing plants, you might want to order them online.

Catnip oils have fragrance, this distinct smell that helps and keep bugs away from camp, and so you can move around or chill without having to worry about getting stung by any insects. Always add another base oil or plain water to dilute the oil before applying it to your skin.

Eucalyptus Oil:

Another oil-based repellent, recommended by the Environmental protection agency and Centers for disease control and prevention. It has been tested to give 95% protection against mosquitoes for three to four hours if the correct amount is used. Not only does Eucalyptus oil have a pleasant smell, but it also staves off ticks and bloodthirsty flies effectively.

Thyme Oil:

This oil type is one of the effective oils to repel bugs. According to studies, thyme oil has given the best result amongst all other equivalents, providing 89-95% protection. Suppose you carry thyme leaves with you while camping.

You will have the upper hand as well. In addition, burning up thyme leaves provides smoke and a smell that mosquitoes hate. Thus you can stay away from bug bites for around one and half hours or more, depending on your camping capacity.

Clove Oil:

Clove oil might be the most effective oil. We have seen people use cloves to keep out insects from their kitchen. The oil form of cloves does wonders as well. It comes in undiluted form, can hamper your skin if directly applied, but if you dilute it with olive oil or alcohol, it can be 100% functional for two to four hours without any difficulty.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tree oil is known for its anti-inflammatory advantages and antibacterial qualities, but it is also influential in keeping mosquitoes and midges away. For a good effect on resisting bugs, add 3 drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops of eucalyptus oil, and ¼ cup of almond oil or vinegar and see the results.

Now you have an antiseptic insect repellent on your hands. This will definitely keep the bug away from camp but in case it comes you won’t be harmed.

Things you partially consume can be used as a repellent.

Cloves and lemons:

We have already discussed the potency of clove oil. The fun fact is, clove itself acts as a mosquito repellent, the smell is likable to humankind, but it annoys the Mosquitoes.

Adding to it, if you slice up a lemon in half and place various cloves over, you will see some changes around you, that is, fewer Mosquitoes. It is not 100% effective but worth giving a try. All you need to carry is some lemons and cloves while you go on camping.


The smell of garlic also does the trick very well. Eating garlic cloves or garlic capsules will keep the mosquitoes away from you because once you consume garlic, your skin pores will spread the smell of garlic. You won’t smell the secretion, but the Mosquitoes certainly will stay away due to the smell. 


The smell of vinegar sometimes makes humans go crazy. It is that kind of strong smell. It is too intense for some insects, and simply spraying some form of vinegar will keep some bugs away for sure. Just make sure you don’t flood the surrounding area because the smell might be too strong for you. Spray it on the outside of your tent, and good sleep awaits you.


Onions are natural repellents as well. Eating onions will not only give your health benefits, but it will make your skin pores emit the smell of it, just like garlic does. Mosquitoes and other bugs repel the smell of onions, so you will be at peace even before you know it.
You might have to overeat onion to repel the bugs successfully, so better rub the onion against your skin. We know the smell can be strong for you, but trust me, just a little rub, and you will be free from Mosquitoes.

What you must abstain from

Salty food:

Salt builds lactic acid and attracts mosquitoes. Salty food will make your sweat more intense too. Therefore Mosquitoes will be happy to serve you with tons of bites. Avoid salty foods when camping.


The qualities and other elements in an alcoholic drink perform a role in how you smell. Yes, alcohol changes your overall smell, especially beer. They tend to make you more attractive to Mosquitoes. So, you should avoid alcoholic drinks or drink the least amount if you have other options to keep Mosquitoes away.

Hydration helps

You must keep yourself calm and relaxed for sure. Body heat and sweat seduce bugs right away. Yes, your sweat will influence a lot of bugs to have a bite at you. To avoid this difficulty, you must keep yourself hydrated.
If you drink plenty of water cool water, your body temperature will drop and keep you relaxed and emit less sweat. That’s enough to be unattractive to Mosquitoes and bugs. So, always carry excessive water.

Limit your movement

Avoid Stagnant Water:

Stay away from water bodies with unpleasant smells because the foul water will surely be a breeding place for Mosquitoes and other flies. Camping near a lake is a bad choice. It might look scenic, but there will be lots of bugs and Mosquitoes, and you can’t just repel them easily—so better root your campsite away from lakes and waterways.

Stay Away From Flowering Trees:

Flowers attract bees. You might already know this fact. If you camp nearby flowering trees and bushes, be sure to have some unwanted guests in the form of bees. It’s hard to keep away from flowers and trees, I know, but all you have to do is look for places where flowers and trees grow less.

Move carefully and keep your eyes open.

Always be alert when you go camping. This will keep you safe from unwanted trouble. Not only will that, keeping your observation active keep you away from bugs as well. Be alert, don’t destroy a honeycomb for fun or by accident. Accidents happen, but teasing the bees will make your trip a hell ride. Look where you are stepping. Always check your next step.

It might sound too restricting, but trust me, you don’t want to offend the ants, wild ants. If you destroy their living place or walking area, they might want to protect themselves, and you will be in lots of trouble. So always move carefully.

Avoiding Ticks

Ticks are everywhere, and parasites too. If you go to places where it overflows with such bugs, be prepared to get bitten or swarmed by ticks all over your body. Ticks multiply in different seasons, and if you are lucky to hit the road when ticks are less active, you will have smooth camping.
For example, summer is the peak time, flooding with ticks. Avoid summer if possible, or else you will have to be wearing protective clothing from head to toe to avoid ticks, even in summer.  

Protective clothing

Clothes provide comfort, but it also protects from mosquitoes and ticks. If you wear long pants and socks, all tucked in from top to bottom. You won’t let Mosquitoes or ticks get to your skin that easily. The clothing material is the protective barrier for your skin.
If you are walking, you are likely to tick attacks. So proper socks, boots, and pants will not let the tick get to your skin easily. Hence you will bite-free even if the clothing tends to be a bit uncomfortable, but safety first, so always wear protective clothing. 

Don't use scented toiletries.

You should use personal care products. Just be sure the moisturizers, lotions, shampoos, body sprays, etc., that you carry are not perfumed. There are fragrance-free products available in the market, and trust me, picking up such products is one natural way to avoid Mosquitoes and bugs.

Perfumed toiletries are not suggested because the fragrance that you carry after using the products tends to attract Mosquitoes most of the time and other bugs. Using fragrance-free daily care products is one natural way to keep bugs away from camping

Starting a fire, burning coils, using repellent lights

Lighting up a bonfire will help, or find logs and fallen branches to light it up. Fires create destruction for the bugs. The smoke discharged by fire acts as a natural repellent. Mosquitoes and other insects can’t bear the smell and presence of smoke. Another effective repellent I’ve already mentioned above is, adding thyme leaves to the fire.

The cleaner the campsite, the lesser the bugs

The most important task is to keep the campsite clean. Collected waste, debris, collected water, uncleaned surfaces will only lead you to a nightmare. Having a clean campsite is vital to keep insects and animals out of your reach.

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Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways to repel bugs, from chemical-induced products to natural ones. None of them will be 100% effective, but in my opinion, it’s better to look for natural ways to keep bugs away when camping.

By doing so, you will be supporting the environment positively and keep yourself healthy. Always keep a first aid box and antiseptic ointments with you during camping. Don’t take everything for granted. Try out different methods, as I mentioned above. If one trick doesn’t work, the other will work for you. 

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