A complete conception of solar powered tent heater

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Best Solar Powered Tent Heater
Solar Powered Tent Heater

Are you thinking about camping in the winter season? It would be best to have a heater inside your tent to keep the interior warm. But using electricity or gas to run a heater while camping is difficult. A solar-powered tent heater can be your savior in that case and provide you comfort in your outdoor adventures. Nowadays, advanced electric and gas-powered tent heaters come with solar power facilities. So, you can use one of them to maintain the thermal equilibrium of your tent. Newbies may need clarification about finding the best solar powered tent heaters. After reviewing the product’s specifications with pros and cons, picking the worthy product will be easy. However, remember to look at the buying guide quickly. 

The solution to power heater while camping

There are a few popular versions of power heaters for camping purposes. Pick an electric heater near the camping area if you have an electric power socket. A gas-powered heater is also a good choice. But you can use the solar panel of these power heaters during an emergency. 

Electric Space heaters

An electric space heater converts the electric energy into heat. You might have heard about the principle of Joule heating. An electric space heater runs on this principle. It can’t convert 100% electricity to heat due to system loss. The heat strips and the fan of an electric space heater spread the warm air to the surrounding area. Here you can check fan for tent camping.

Remember, electric space heaters are only for warming up small spaces. It comes with a plugging cord, so transporting it is slightly inconvenient. 

Gas powered heaters

One of the widely used heaters in the winter is the gas-operated heater. It uses natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, or butane to produce warm air. First, the heat exchanger becomes hot with the help of the fuel. And then, the heat exchanger adds some heat gradually to the atmosphere. It’s risky and requires a lot of gas. 

Solar powered heaters

Solar-powered heaters or solar space heaters are highly reliable during camping. You don’t need to feed some electricity or gas to the heater. Most of the heater comes with a solar option as a backup. That means the heaters will take the sun’s energy as a power source and generate heat. You can use solar space heaters during camping without any hassle. It will keep your tent warm throughout the whole night. 

It’s time to get acquainted with some top-rated heaters with solar facilities.

1. Camping with a battery-powered heater

Camping with a Battery-Powered Heater
Jackery power station


  • Item Weight: 6.82 Pounds
  • Batteries Required: Lithium Ion batteries
  • Voltage: 110 Volts (AC)
  • Output Wattage: 200 Watts
  • Material: Lithium
  • Runtime: 7 hours
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Extra Items: Solar panel and charging cords
  • Special Feature: Portable solar panel

Jackery portable power station arrives with a 12 V powerful battery and a mini solar panel. So, it can deliver 200 watts output by using electricity. The solar will fulfill your demand if there is enough daylight in the camping area. 

Only 5.5 hours are needed to recharge this heater using solar. The time decreases to 3.5 hours when using a wall outlet. However, you need not think about overcharging and over-discharging problems. Besides, developed thermal protection will protect the inside of this camping heater.


  • Easy to carry for its lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • It has versatile power sources
  • energy efficient
  • It offers huge comfort in hands while holding the handle
  • Eliminates the inconvenience of using a power cord


  • The solar remains inactive on an overcast day
  • It will cost an excessive electricity bill in the absence of sunlight

Why choose this power station product?

Solar energy is good for nature and the preservation of electricity for the upcoming future. You can run this heater using electricity in various ways. Reaching the camping area, you may find no AC outlet. 

In that circumstance, having portable power stations will save your day. You can recharge the battery of this power station with a 12V DC car port. It doesn’t look giant-sized. So, it’s easy to keep in your travel bag and transport using your hands.

2. Solar panel for camping

Solar panel for camping
Solar panel for camping


  • Item Weight: 6.6 Pounds
  • Connector Type: USB ports
  • AC Adaptor Current: 6.5 Amps
  •  Maximum Power: 60 Watts
  • Cell Efficiency: 23% high efficiency
  •  Power Voltage: 22V
  • Power Current: 3.09 A
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to – 65° C
  • Short Circuit Current: 3.36 A

Using a portable solar generator like Jackery SolarSaga makes your camping more comfortable. Anyone can fix its position inside the tent again and again for its 3.3 pounds weight. It has a glossy finish with deep black and orange color. 

You can use the included kickstand to position the solar according to the sunlight. It has a 23% conversion efficiency, higher than conventional solar panels. Also, due to its high durability and IP65 water-resistant feature, it will last in the long run.


  • Charges rapidly with Jackery Explorer 160
  • Allows you to charge two devices at a time
  • Highly durable and splash-proof
  • Easily can be set up with the stand
  • Foldable for transporting advantage


  • The hassle of resetting the stand position from time to time depending on the sunlight
  • Taciturn in the rain and the stormy weather

Why choose this portable solar heater?

This solar-powered heater can provide you with proper warmth in cold weather. Besides, you can power two devices directly at a time. So, why not choose this portable solar heater as your camping companion? 

There is a LED light indicator to update you about the charging state. Though not waterproof, it can protect itself from a speck of water. Most importantly, 80% of the solar gets recharged within around 5.5 hours. This product with maximum solar power capacity from your shortlist is accepted.

3. Electric Space Heater For Camping

Electric heater


  • Item Weight: 2.99 Pounds
  • Heating Method: Forced Air
  • Recommended For: Desk use
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop Mount
  • Heating Coverage: 200 sq. ft
  •  Heat Output: 1500 Watts
  • Special Feature: Low noise and the quick heat
  • Operation: Easy to operate

Everybody will prefer an electric space heater for camping rather than a solar power heater. Some electric space heaters come with advanced technology, except for the solar option, which comes with cutting-edge technology. The renowned brand “GiveBest” has launched this electric heater with a forced-air heating method. There is a thermostat controller to turn the heater off after reaching a preset temperature. 

The specialty of this heater is it’s usable both in the winter and summer seasons. It’s engineered with a multi-protection safety system to save you from fire hazards. The compact sizing of 8.3 x 6.3 x 4 inches makes this item highly transportable. In addition, its 2.2 pounds weight helps to change its position according to the user.


  • Arrives with fast heating technology
  • Puts out heat in a larger square feet area in seconds
  • ABS material protects the product from flame
  • Strong and comfortable carrying handle
  • The automatic overheating protection shuts the system off


  • Some heating problem arises when it’s not on a flat surface
  • No solar option for the emergency condition

Why choose this portable electric heater?

GiveBest ceramic heater is an ideal electric heater to use in a small space. The fast heating technology helps to dispel the cold situation in your tent. Its indicator light warns the user if the heater is conducting power. Along with this, its overheating protection helps to protect the user and the heater’s parts. 

It’s all about rolling a knob for setting any thermostat setting. This option makes the product versatile for use even in the summer season. You can carry this item in the travel bag for its attractive sizing and weight. It should be a gorgeous pick if you have a power outlet in the camping area.

How to power a heater

This part will reveal the exact ways how to power a heater.

Step:1- Locate the pilot light

  • You need to locate a reliable power outlet first. 
  • Then, find the pilot light behind the heater vent. 
  • Follow the gas connection leading to the pilot light.

Step:2- Ignition process

  • Identify the dial first by pressing the ‘Ignite” button. The button is named after the “pilot gas button” in case of a gas heater. 
  • Keep the button pressing until the pilot light starts.
  • Turn the dial ‘ON’ after holding the button briefly. 

Step:3- Set the temperature

You need to fix the suitable temperature now. It can be controlled with a temperature dial using the electric thermostat.

Buying guide

A power heater is expensive as it comes with many more facilities. Buying it with proper guidelines can save you valuable money. Here are some tips on purchasing a solar-powered tent heater. 

Consider the camping type and location.

During the camping session, you may stay inside a tent, an RV, or a cabin campground. The usage of the heater is highly dependent on this factor. If you don’t have any active power outlet inside your tent, you must not purchase an electric heater. 

Perhaps, you’re thinking about a gas-powered heater. But, your camping area may remain full of dry leaves. Gas-powered heaters use natural gas most often as fuel. And it can burn the dry leaves or your tent from an accident. Considering these situations, you’ll need a solar-powered tent heater. 

Select an electric or gas heater.

Despite knowing the possible risks of electric and gas heaters, you can choose one of them. There may be poor sunlight in the camping area all over the years. Hence, nobody can deny that the solar option is useless in those places, so you must find alternative ways to keep your tent warm.

So, which one should win – the electric heater or the gas heater? If you think about the pricing, the electric heater wins. You can purchase a high-end electric heater at half the cost of a gas heater. But, electric heaters use batteries, requiring replacement after a certain time. 

Notice the tent heater output.

The main reason for purchasing a quality heater is to get a better output. Your tent heater will offer more warmth and comfort depending on its output. A better BTU (British Thermal Unit) represents the better output of a tent heater.

The tent heater’s output also depends on the tent’s style. Notice whether there is a ventilation system in your tent. A 100-square feet tent needs a medium-sized heater to warm the interior. Never get a comparatively small-sized heater than the size of your tent. Otherwise, the output of the tent heater won’t be fruitful for you. 

Check the size and the weight.

If any significant factor comes forward after the output, it will be the size and the weight. Purchasing a wrong-sized tent heater can bring unbearable trouble. You may use a car to carry the tent heater. What if the tent heater is vast to put inside the vehicle?

Remember, you may need to carry the tent heater to your camp, holding it in hand. Before reaching your tent, you must not want to trouble your muscles. Therefore, consider the tent heater’s lightweight before checking other specifications. 

Consider the advanced safety features.

Camping heaters need to be activated ideally. Then, you’ll get your desired warmth after a while, only after setting the right temperature. There is a chance of an accident during the interval of doing these.

On the flip side, an unwanted situation may arise for the problem of the parts. The overheating issue is one of the most common issues. Some tent heater models have an overheat protection system as a part of the advanced safety feature.

When do you need an extra battery for camping?

Having an extra battery for camping with a power heater is wise. The solar panel recharges the battery station to keep your tent warm. But, the battery can get damaged or functionally disabled. You may not have an alternative to using the camping area’s power outlet. 

Nobody must want to face this kind of situation. For this reason, you need to keep an extra battery for camping. On Average, the battery of the portable heater can run up to 12.5 hours. It’s mandatory to keep a spare battery if you are camping in an impassable area.

Final thoughts

You rarely find only solar-powered tent heaters from renowned brands. Nowadays, all the power heater manufacturers launch electric or gas-operated heaters with solar panels. 

People do their camping both in usual places and critical places. In a critical area, thinking about a power outlet sounds too weird. Is there any best option instead of a solar-powered heater? 

Now, you know plenty about the factors before purchasing a solar heater. Get a suitable power heater prioritizing transportation and other conveniences.