What To Wear At Night Camping Best Guide in 2023

What To Wear At Night Camping
Clothing for night camping

Camping wear should always be comfortable and viable. If it’s night camping, your wear should come with some additional features to keep you more comfortable. However, most people aren’t experts in camping things like pro campers.

So, they have a big question in their mind – “what to wear at night camping?”. The selection of clothes for camping is an important task. Camping location and tour play a vital role here. People usually love to camp near a seashore, forest, and open place on a hill or mountain.

No matter the location, you can not compromise the comforting night’s stay at camp. It would help if you packed soft and cotton clothes, especially for sleeping. Campers need to pick quality wear with extreme durability.

What To Wear At Night Camping

Every camper wants a sound and relaxing night’s stay in the tent. Also, when you’re sitting on your chair and posing for a picture, you would probably want yourself to look the best with your background. For this, you must research where you are setting up the tent. Besides, the terrain type and weather should also be kept in mind. The following clothing types can be a good option for night-staying campers.

Soft and Subtle Cloths

You can not sleep well in a tent, hard and rugged type of clothes. You cannot move and stretch your arms comfortably in such clothes. That’s why you pack very soft and cotton-made tops and joggers for sleeping peacefully in the tent. These type of clothes allows airflow throughout your body. That removes the odors and smell of the body.

Clean Cloths

Wearing a clean cloth would enhance your sleep inside the tent. After trekking and trailing through a rough region, your cloth would become wet and dirty from sweating and other things. You can not sleep with those. It will not only hamper your night’s stay but will also ruin the sleeping place.

For that, you should be packing an extra piece of clean and dry clothing just for sleeping purposes. It helps to keep the mind fresh. Besides, clean clothes will reduce the viral or bacterial infestation in your body.

Loosened and Wide Cloths

You cannot wear overfitting and tight clothes such as denim jeans and t-shirts for a good night’s stay in a tent. Instead, you can pick up wide and loosened clothes such as pajamas, short pants, joggers, and tops. Loosened and wide cloth will allow you to move freely and enjoy a relaxing and uninterrupted sleep in the tent.

Avoid Overdressing

Sleeping bags are not designed for congested clothes. It would be best if you got rid of an extra layer of clothes such as jackets, sweaters, or hoodies before hopping into a sleeping bag. If the weather is extremely chilly, then a soft comforter can be a good option to wear inside the bag.

Temperate Clothes

These clothes are not too warm and not too cold as well. If you are camping in moderate weather, these clothes are perfect for you. It will keep the body temperature at a moderate level for ensuring a sound sleep at night.

How To Get Rid Of Campfire Smell In Clothes

After a peaceful and safe campfire experience, the woody, smokey, and burning smells get trapped inside the clothes. These can be irritating at times. By following the guides stated below, you can easily remove the campfire smells from your clothes.

Hot Water Wash

Hot water helps to expand the clothes lining. Allows the detergent to get inside and react with those mulish types of wood fire stains and smells. However, before using the hot water, you should check the compatibility of the cloth.

Using Good Liquid Detergent

Liquid detergents work better than detergent powders. Because liquid detergents easily create foam and go inside clothing linings to clean it perfectly. It helps react with the toughest dirt and removes the trapped smell from the cloth.


It is a watery solution of acetic acid. Mixing it with the water increases the reactivity of detergents. This acid cuts through the stains and conveniently releases the bad smell from clothes.

Baking Soda/powder

Baking soda is widely used to deodorize the smells in your clothes. However, it also whitens or brightens the clothe by maintaining their original.

Most Comfortable Way To Sleep In Tent

Campers and nature lovers can not compromise with a comfortable night’s stay in the tent. You follow the stated steps for completing a couples camping checklist.

The Tent Mattress

It is a significant element of sleeping in a tent. A good mattress will allow you to sleep in a relaxing position. Sleeping bags cannot offer the same features a mattress does, which is flexibility. You can sleep in any position, wearing anything of your requirement on a mattress. A decently thick (3R valued mattress) would allow you to sleep comfortably in the tent.

Cushion/pillow and Blanket

These are some optional yet important things for a peaceful sleep inside a tent. Pillows or cushions will give you an ergonomic posture that nullifies back pain or neck pain. A good blanket that is not so thick will keep you warm and dry for the night.

Noises of the Nature

Most campers love to hear the natural sound of nature, such as the sound of a cricket, the crackling sound of the wood fire. These sounds are soothing and relaxing. But not everyone can comply with it who have the habit of sleeping in a soundproof environment. For this, a pair of good earplugs can solve the problem as it eliminates all external noises.

Season Camping Cloth

Your clothes packing relies upon the season and weather of your camping location. You cannot put on any clothes in specific weather. Summer and spring are the most common reasons people select camping. Therefore, your clothing selection should be done accordingly.

What To Wear Camping In The Summer

1. Quick-dry featuring Tops and Bottoms

Camping in summer means a lot of sweating. You would need to change clothes more often or wash the sweaty clothes. For this, light cotton cloths with 200-250GSM would be perfect for you. These are easily washable and dry very quickly than other types of clothes.

2. Water-resistant accessories and layers 

You can take water-resistant trail hats or caps along with you on the trail. It’ll avoid the direct sun rays hitting you. Besides, a Waterproof and wind resistance jacket should keep you insulated during the night stay as well. You should take synthetic soft socks as well.

3. Trail Boots or Shoes

Usual shoes are not compatible with trailing or trekking. You would need lightweight, breathable, and anti-slip shoes for trekking. It supports your feet dry and calm in warm weather. It is better if the shoe possesses a water-resistant feature. Moreover, an extra pair of flip-flops will allow you to move around the camping site more comfortably.

4. Tip For Packing Clothing

    • Try to avoid heavy clothes, accessories, and gear.

    • Avoid tight clothing such as Jeans, leggings, etc.

    • Keep your backpack arranged.

    • Buy water-resistant products as much as possible.

    • Take Nylon made rope or cord for drying wet clothes.

What To Wear Camping In Spring

1. Layerings

Moderately warm layers with good airflow are good clothing options for the spring season. You can take long-sleeved synthetic or polyester-made T-shirts than 100% cotton ones that will keep you dry and warm throughout your camping.

2. Outer-Layer Clothing

You can take a lightweight jacket or soft fleece-made hoodies or sweaters for camping. These will keep you warm and insulated during the night stay. Besides, these can also protect you from chilled wind, scratches, and cuts while trekking.

3. Lightweight bottoms

You won’t feel comfortable camping in jeans made of denim. It will be needed to move a lot while setting up the camp. For this reason, shorts, joggers, and track pants are the best options. All these will provide you with the flexibility and comfort you need for camping.

4. Hand Gloves, Socks, and Hat

Synthetic and breathable hand gloves and socks are good for camping. It will keep your palm and feet warm during cold nights. A good water-resistant hat protects from the sunlight during the daytime.

5. Tip For Packing Clothing

    • Take a pair of cargo shorts and trousers for camping in Spring Season.

    • Lightweight polyester or synthetic long-sleeved t-shirts or shirts would keep you cool and dry.

    • Breathable and meshed shoes with synthetic socks will help you move on rugged terrains.

    • Extra pair of cheap flip-flops help you move comfortably around the camping site with flexibility.

How to Layers Cloth In A Sleeping Bag

    • Buy a good-quality sleeping bag with at least two layers and a liner.

    • You can get an extra cheaper liner made of cotton for extremely cold nights.

    • You can also put on a multi-layer sleeping suit made especially for cold nights.

    • A pair of high-quality synthetic socks will keep your feet warm and cozy

    • You can get synthetic long-sleeved thermal t-shirts if the sleeping suit is not affordable.

    • The thermal leggings or trousers would be a good option that goes with t-shirts.

Extra Tip: Don’t forget to take a Bluetooth speaker with you whether it’s night or day, for having the best camping experience.

Final Thought

Camping is a great way to go closer and spend quality moments with nature. Comfortable movements while traveling and a relaxing night’s stay in the tent complete the process. And wearing comfortable wear makes the whole camping session more enjoyable.

Weather and the surface of the camping region recreate an important part of your convenience. You will not enjoy the magnificence of nature as a whole if you are not comfortable and relaxed. For these reasons, it is better to do complete research about what to wear at night camping.

And it would help if you packed your bag accordingly. It would be best to pack clothes that won’t compromise your comfort while spending the night. Besides, the clothes should also be compatible with the weather and season of the camping site.

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