10 Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack In 2023

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Best Waterproof laptop backpack
Waterproof laptop backpack

Purchasing a laptop backpack might provide you with peace of mind. A laptop is difficult to transport due to its weight and size. Water is one thing you will undoubtedly want to protect your laptop from. 

Best Waterproof laptop backpack will keep water out of your laptop, and most will include cushioning to protect it from bumps and impacts. 

If you still need to make the wise decision to purchase a waterproof laptop bag, we’ve produced a list of the top ten backpacks in three price ranges: budget, mid-range, and premium. There are many types backpack available for Camping, Here you can check another Best tactical backpack

Here Is A List Of The 10 Best Waterproof Laptop Backpacks In 2023 To Keep Your Laptop From Getting Wet:

A laptop can be convenient for carrying around if you need it, but what happens if you get caught in the rain? In this blog post, you will find out what will be the best waterproof laptop backpack in 2023. Now, our researchers list the ten best water-resistant laptop backpacks with the most features to help you find the perfect backpack.

1. MS Large Capacity Laptop Backpack

Key Features & Specs:

  • Waterproof USB interface
  • Backpack with extensible structure
  • It contains a high-quality YKK zipper
  • Excellent for trekking and riding.
  • The laptop compartment can hold computers up to 1.41 inches thick.
  • Backpack Approved for Flight

If you’re looking for a high-quality waterproof laptop bag, you’ve come to the correct spot. MS Large Capacity Laptop Backpack is a water-repellent and hydrophobic material that can endure short-term rain cleaning.

But, the rear breathable sponge shoulder backpack straps are not waterproof, so avoid prolonged heavy rain exposure. It comes with a compartment that fits most laptops and a considerable capacity.

And it has the world’s first high-quality YKK zipper and a dedicated laptop compartment, so you won’t have to worry about zipper pocket quality, making it one of the best waterproof laptop bags. The backpack’s two flexible shoulder straps & two side handles are further strengthened. 

Besides, it has a substantial capacity for all your devices and a fair number of internal pockets to keep your items organized and protected.

Moreover, the MS large-capacity laptop bag is ideal for vacations, hiking, and commuting. It is a spacious backpack with a well-organised interior. 

And the travel bag has a USB connection on the side. While walking or riding, you may charge your phone. Also, it is the best bag for cycling enthusiasts and vacationers and everyday usage at school and work.

The MS laptop bag can accommodate up to 17.3 and 15.6 inches. It includes a laptop compartment that can accommodate devices up to 1.41 inches thick. It features a low profile and fits comfortably beneath long-haul flight seats.


  • It has a zipper made by YKK.
  • Cost-effective
  • It is constructed of a hydrophobic substance.
  • The best travel backpack


  • Its look might be more fashionable.

2. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack
Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Key Features & Specs:

  • Ventilated soft multi-panel padding
  • Provides optimum back support
  • Padded foam top handle
  • Suitable for a 15.6-inch laptop
  • Made of a water-resistant and long-lasting polyester fabric
  • Compact USB charging backpack
  • Product Dimensions 18 x 12 x 7.8 inches
  • Item Weight 1.56 pounds

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack is meant to transport your laptop, books, accessories, and other things stylishly. One of the best waterproof laptop backpacks. 

The backpack is built of high-quality materials and is exceptionally long-lasting. It is also quite comfy to wear and has a sleek appearance.

Additionally, it includes one dedicated laptop compartment that can accommodate laptops measuring 15.6 inches, 15 inches, 14 inches, and 13 inches. 

This Matein bag has a spacious packing area with ample space for daily necessities and tech equipment accessories.

One front compartment with several compartments, pen pockets, and a key fob hook keeps your items organized and easily accessible.

It’s also an excellent choice for business travels, school and college, and even the gym. 

Moreover, the backpack is made of durable polyester fabric with metal zippers, making it one of the best waterproof laptop backpacks. Its laptop sleeve is good for you.

This Matein waterproof laptop backpack provides safe and long-lasting use on a daily and weekend basis. 

This large backpack can be used as a professional office work bag, sleek USB charging backpack, or high school backpack for girls, boys, and teenagers.

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack was created for the contemporary man who needs a beautiful and well-made piece of baggage that he can carry about and use on the go. 

This waterproof laptop bag is well-made for international plane travel and day getaways as a travel gift for men.

The design includes a baggage strap that allows the backpack to be worn on luggage or a suitcase. 

Furthermore, it contains a secret anti-theft compartment on the back to keep criminals away from your valuables.


  • Adjustable & breathable shoulder straps
  • Includes a secret anti-theft hidden pocket
  • Ideal for international flight travel
  • It features zippers made of metal.


  • On the bottom, there is no padding.

3. Nubily Travel Waterproof Backpack

Nubily Travel Waterproof Backpack

Key Features & Specs:

  • Product Dimensions 14.1 x 8.3 x 18.5 inches
  • Item Weight 2.2 pounds
  • Capacity: 45 L
  • 2 main padded compartments
  • Have space for 17 and up to 17.3-inch laptop
  • More than 15 functional pockets

The Nubily travel waterproof backpack is water-resistant and features a separate compartment for laptops up to 17.3 inches in size.

The pack has a huge capacity and a sleek and tidy layout for storing your laptop, clothing, shoes, and other personal stuff.

The backpack protects the laptop from water, shocks, dust, and other environmental elements.

And Nubily is a lightweight backpack that keeps your laptop and other electrical equipment secure while on the road.

The Nubily bag is intended to accommodate a laptop, protected by a padded laptop sleeve and a durable, water-resistant fabric.

Outside, the bag contains a USB charging connector and a built-in cord for easy on-the-go charging. For further security, the laptop bag is fully lined on the inside with a protective laptop sleeve.

Moreover, this is a TSA-approved backpack that is both functional and fashionable. For durability, this backpack has a double-sided seamless zip & reinforced stitching. It offers more security and protection for your items during rainy days, making it the top waterproof laptop bag

The backpack has dual metal zippers and a breathable mesh back. The Nubily backpack is also designed to serve as a durable travel backpack for men.

Nubily travel waterproof backpack is a multi-functional backpack with a purpose. This backpack has more than fifteen functional pockets to keep your personal stuff organised & conveniently accessible. You will never have trouble finding your belongings again.


  • Portable 17-inch backpack
  • It features two metal zippers.
  • It includes a mesh back that is breathable.
  • It features a lay-flat design.


  • Shoulder strap can be better

4. Volher Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

Volher Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

Key Features & Specs:

  • Product Dimensions 19 x 13 x 8 inches
  • Item Weight 2.2 pounds
  • Max capacity 15-inch laptop
  • Built-in USB charger
  • Headphone Jack
  • Foam-padded top handle

The Volher Water Resistant Laptop Backpack is the ideal travel companion for transporting your laptop, tablet, and other devices. 

A separate laptop compartment can hold a 15.6-inch laptop along with a 13-inch, 14-inch, and 15-inch Macbook/Laptop. 

Furthermore, the Volher Laptop Backpack has one large packing section that will save you from overpacking. 

It contains side water bottle pockets and tiny umbrellas, ensuring you’re always prepared for your next expedition.

Also, it’s a high-quality backpack constructed of water-resistant and long-lasting laptops fabric with metal zippers. 

Volher waterproof backpack has an enormous main compartment, a large front pocket, a tiny front pocket, and a large rear pocket. The backpack has a USB charging backpack as well as a thin compartment on the back. 

The backpack is designed with many features and specs, making it perfect for everyday usage as a professional office work bag, weekend vacations, shopping, and outdoor activities.

Besides, Volher is constructed of lightweight and durable mesh cloth with a clever water-resistant construction and an easy-to-open and shut one-hand zipper. 

The top handle is foam-padded for comfort. The backpack is easy to carry. It offers vented back padding for optimal back support and a breathable design.


  • Includes a hidden anti-theft pocket
  • Provides optimum back support
  • Adjustable Shoulder straps
  • Cost-effective


1. It doesn’t have a solid bottom

5. LOVEVOOK Waterproof Laptop Backpack

LOVEVOOK Waterproof Laptop Backpack
LOVEVOOK Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Key Features & Specs:

  • Product Dimensions 8.3 x 13.9 x 18.9 inches
  • Item Weight 2.29 pounds
  • Has Anti Theft System
  • 17.3-inch portable backpack
  • Has a 180-degree opening system
  • Build with Polyester Fabric Material

LOVEVOOK Waterproof Laptop Backpack is a multipurpose laptop bag with an adjustable padded shoulder strap and a fixed password lock that can accommodate computers up to 17 inches in size. 

Your valuable laptop is protected with robust metal zippers, and you don’t have to worry about a burglar quickly opening your bag while travelling or lining up. 

Also, you can remember your coworkers, family members, or friends, whether travelling or meeting someone, with the instruction card.

Moreover, it is an excellent option for those who prefer to carry their laptop in style. The excellent polyester fabric material is long-lasting, sturdy, and water-resistant. 

The baggage strap design guarantees that the bag is safe and comfortable. The backpack contains cushioned shoulder straps, a spacious inside pocket, and a key ring holder.

LOVEVOOK is a lightweight, handy, portable laptop bag ideal for outdoor or indoor activity. 

Again, the concealed USB charging connector on the exterior is an excellent convenience feature that lets you charge your laptop or other electrical devices while walking. 

The headphone interface frees up your hands when listening to audio, music, or other media.

Also, it is an ideal present for college, high school students, teenagers, or adults. 

The laptop backpack is composed of PVC, making it both robust and water-resistant, while the removable padded laptop sleeve provides protection for your laptop. The adjustable straps are suitable for both men and women to carry.


  • It is designed to lay flat.
  • It has 180-degree opening capabilities
  • It includes a password-protected system.
  • It features a USB charging connector on the exterior.


  • They could bring out the backpack in some more color options.

6. Monsdle Waterproof Travel Laptop Backpack

Monsdle Waterproof Travel Laptop Backpack

Key Features & Specs:

  • Product Dimensions 18.8 x 153.6 x 7.8 inches
  • Item Weight 1.54 pounds
  • Available in black, Blue, Gray, Purple, Red, or Royal Blue
  • It includes two little stretchy mesh side pockets.
  • 1 rear padded pocket
  • Max capacity 15.6 Inch Laptop

The Monsdle Waterproof Travel Laptop Backpack is intended to provide maximum convenience and protection when travelling. 

This backpack is strong, waterproof, lightweight, and stable, making it ideal for frequent travellers.

You will always be satisfied by this bag’s sleek appearance and feel. There are two main storage pockets on the bag. 

One separate laptop compartment accommodates a 15.6-inch laptop and a 15-inch, 14-inch, and 13-inch Macbook or laptop. 

The other packing section has three open pockets and is large enough for everyday needs and tech equipment accessories. 

Besides that, the front section has a zipper that is great for organising your personal items.

It is the ideal laptop backpack for people constantly on the move. It is composed of durable, waterproof material and has a cushioned top handle for increased security. 

And the adjustable shoulder straps and the back side have a comfortable and breathable mesh design that relieves shoulder tension. 

A comfy airflow foam-pad back structure with softer, multi-panel breathable fabric padding gives your back excellent back support. For a long time, the top handle was foam-padded.


  • It is made of high-quality polyester fabric and contains metal zippers.
  • It is lightweight and sturdy
  • Adjustable shoulder straps 
  • Its back has a breathable mesh design


  • A female-friendly color option would be nice

7. WENIG Waterproof Laptop Backpack

WENIG Waterproof Laptop Backpack
WENIG Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Key Features & Specs:

  • Product Dimensions ‎11.81 x 7.48 x 17.72 inches
  • Item Weight 1.67 pounds
  • Has a USB charger outside
  • Airplane-friendly
  • It Has a black hole in the headphone
  • Has hidden anti-theft pocket
  • Available in black, Blue, Gray, Pink, Purple, Red, or Gray-1

The WENIG Waterproof Laptop Backpack is a soft and lightweight backpack with three main pockets, nine inside pockets, two side pockets, and one back pocket. 

A 15.6-inch, 15-inch, or 14-inch Macbook or laptop will fit in the laptop pocket. Inside pockets keep your wallet, phone, keys, and other items safe, making it the ideal backpack for all your personal belongings.

Besides, the WENIG waterproof laptop bag for guys is a modern everyday backpack. The water-resistant Oxford fabric is long-lasting and straightforward to clean. 

It is also sufficiently large to facilitate a laptop. The broad-ventilated mesh shoulder straps have a generous sponge pad to ease shoulder tension. And the backpack’s side pocket design makes it easy to store sunglasses and other small items.

Moreover, WENIG is a brand that focuses on design and function and the experience it provides to the consumer. 

It gives the user comfort in every manner conceivable. This waterproof backpack is a stylish and handy way to carry your laptop, with ultra-thin and protective material. 

Furthermore, this WENIG laptop bag has a USB charging cord which is excellent for college students who need to charge their gadgets on the go.


  • It boasts long-lasting metal zippers.
  • It has a fixed password lock
  • It is composed of water-resistant and long-lasting Oxford cotton.
  • Can be utilized as a waterproof laptop backpack for ladies


  • Those who prefer simpler packs may need clarification on the pockets.

8. BANGE Business Waterproof Smart Backpack

BANGE Business Waterproof Smart Backpack

Key Features & Specs:

  • Package Dimensions‎ 15 x 10 x 5 inches
  • Item Weight 3.5 Pounds
  • Polyester lining
  • Not only is it waterproof & resistant, but it is also scratch-resistant.
  • Available in Black & Gray
  • It passed double QA quality inspection

The Bange Business Waterproof Laptop Bag is a stylish and functional men’s backpack. 

And it is constructed of high-density coated oxford fabric that is waterproof and scratch-resistant. 

The front pocket can hold casual shoes, a sky, a kettle, an umbrella, a magazine, and other small items. 

The backpack has five pockets, the main pocket can hold 4-5 items, and the laptop pocket can hold a 15-inch laptop. 

Besides, it is a one-of-a-kind backpack with a laptop compartment for storing a laptop, a card pocket for storing your debit card, and a transparent pocket for conveniently locating your glasses. 

It also includes a multi-function shoulder strap, allowing you to use it as a backpack or cross-body bag. 

BANGE Business Waterproof Smart Backpack has a strong zipper with an easy-to-close zipper, so you don’t have to worry about taking your bag.

Again, it is a business-specific backpack that is both water-resistant and comfy. 

The BANGE backpack is high-quality and robust, with waterproof construction and a premium leather-like exterior cover, making it a top waterproof laptop backpack. Also, this bag has adequate room for your laptop and other essentials. 


  • It has 180°opening capacity
  • The main pocket has a capacity of 4 to 5 clothes.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made with waterproof coated oxford fabric


  • USB port’s quality can be good

9. LOVEVOOK Waterproof Laptop Backpack For Women

LOVEVOOK Waterproof Laptop Backpack For Women

Key Features & Specs:

  • Package Dimensions‎ 12 x 7.5 x 16 inches
  • Item Weight ‎1.83 pounds
  • Max laptop size capacity 15.6.” 
  • Designed for teachers & nurses
  • Available in Black, Pink, Camouflage, Gray, etc.
  • Made of high-quality polyester

The LOVEVOOK Women’s Laptop Bag is a rainproof and elegant laptop bag that is lightweight and portable. 

This women’s backpack has a wide open design and adjustable shoulder straps for numerous carrying choices. 

It has one main compartment, two side pockets, and a front pocket. The backpack is built of long-lasting, high-quality materials and is both fashionable and practical.

Again, this backpack has a super-comfortable, ergonomic, and adjustable strap that makes it easy to carry big things. 

LOVEVOOK laptop bag contains a padded laptop compartment and a separate tablet section to keep your electronics safe. 

It also includes a built-in USB charging connection for charging your phone while on the road.

Besides, this laptop bag is ideal for teachers and nurses who wish to carry various textbooks and materials while being fashionable. 

It has a capacity of 20L and is an excellent alternative to typical backpacks. The backpack is composed of rugged polyester that is also water-resistant. 

This laptop backpack contains two compartments and 18 pockets, making it ideal for managing all your school essentials. It also supports up to 15.6″ laptops.


  • It features a 30-day no-reason return policy as well as a 3-year warranty coverage.
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Value for money
  • It has a 20L significant capacity


  • Water resistance only, not waterproofing.

10. TIMBUK2 Water-Resistant Laptop Backpack

Key Features & Specs:

  • Product Dimensions 9.45 x 5.12 x 17.91 inches
  • Item Weight 1.28 pounds
  • It has a front zipper pocket for small bits
  • It’s made from 100% recycled Nylon from pre-consumer waste
  • Available in Eco Gravity, Eco Black & Eco Nautical Pop

The Timbuk2 Water-Resistant Laptop Backpack is a sleek, streamlined laptop backpack made for everyday use. 

And the inner main compartment is easily accessible thanks to the roll-top design, which includes an internal pocket for up to a 15″ laptop and an internal organizing pocket for carrying accessories like pens, gadgets, and other small items. 

Also, it has a side zip access and dual side slip pockets for an iPhone or umbrella to reinforce the rolltop closing.

Timbuk2 is the ideal travel buddy for your next vacation. The backpack is made of robust 100% recycled nylon from pre-consumer waste and is designed to be environmentally friendly. 

The backpack has a variety of pockets and compartments to guarantee that everything is conveniently accessible for your next journey when you want to let your emotions run wild.


  • Environmental friendly
  • Value for money
  • Modern and fashionable
  • Have a pocket for your umbrella.


  • Very few color options.

Buying Guide For Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Today’s laptop backpack was designed for travelers. This suggests that they are more than just a bag. They provide numerous options for transporting your laptop, smartphone, and other materials. Now we’ll look at these characteristics and how to choose the best Waterproof Laptop Backpack.

Your Laptop’s Size

When purchasing a waterproof backpack, it is recommended first to measure the size of your laptop. Many laptop backpack companies allow you to customize the laptop sleeve size and fit your laptop securely within the backpack. 

Your waterproof backpack’s size will be determined by the size of your laptop. Laptop sizes range from 13-inch to 17-inch. These dimensions refer to the screen size, not the laptop’s overall size. So be wary of laptops whose size differs from the screen size.

Waterproof Zipper

A waterproof zipper is a type of zipper that allows the user to seal the bag in a water-tight way. They are often composed of rubber or plastic and are designed to enable water to enter through the zipper but not through the bag itself. 

Waterproof zippers are extremely useful in preventing bag damage as well as keeping the contents of the bag from becoming damp and mouldy.

Things You Want To Carry With You

Consider the extra gear you must carry when searching for a waterproof laptop bag. It’s also a good idea to consider how much room you’ll need. If you want to bring a bag on a trip or to college, it should be much larger than if you only want to get your laptop to work daily.


When you’re on the run, you need a bag that can withstand the weather. You could have a laptop that needs to be safeguarded. You may also have a tablet that must be safeguarded from water.

This is essential while travelling; your backpack is needed to ensure your electronics. You may choose from various waterproof bags on the market, or you can select our given options above. The essential thing is to get a waterproof bag that meets your demands.

Must-Have A Laptop Compartment

A laptop backpack must have a dedicated space for your laptop. Your laptop must fit in that specific container. If you want a laptop bag, be sure it includes a separate room for your laptop. 

Get a laptop backpack that can handle a laptop up to 15.6″ if your laptop is that size. If your laptop is smaller or larger, acquire a bag that fits that size.

Wide Padded Shoulder Straps

Wide padded shoulder straps are an excellent technique to distribute the weight of a backpack. Because backpacks are frequently overloaded with items, broad cushioned shoulder straps are ideal. 

The weight will be equally spread across your shoulders, making it appear lighter than it is. The wide pads will distribute your weight evenly over your shoulders, relieving strain on one side of your body. The large padded shoulder straps will also make you more comfortable.

You Must Have A Water Bottle Pocket.

A water bottle pocket is essential for every bag. If you are thirsty while working, you should be able to obtain a sip without digging your hand into your backpack for your water bottle. Hiking & biking need the use of a water bottle holder.

Work And College

Since students are only permitted to carry one bag to school, they are frequently limited in their backpack style. Even with this restriction, people may still desire a bag at work and on weekends. 

As a result, the finest waterproof laptop bag for education or business may be smaller than one designed for travel. It should protect the laptop from scratches, drops, and water. 

A robust laptop bag with enough capacity to carry a book, pencil, jacket, and umbrella is the best laptop backpack for college students or businesses.

The laptop Compartment Must Be Padded.

Consider the laptop compartment while shopping for a waterproof laptop bag. The laptop will be prone to harm if the laptop compartment is not cushioned. Finding a waterproof laptop bag with a shielded laptop compartment is essential.

The cushioning should be thick enough to protect your laptop not just from shock but also from damage. The cushioning should also be strong enough to support a computer of varying proportions, so it doesn’t fall out.

Must-Have Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Adjustable shoulder straps are a must-have feature for every laptop bag. Why? Because they let you easily transport your laptop, which is ideal for lengthy excursions, climbs, or travels. 

They also contribute to your comfort & productivity. People of various shapes and sizes will appreciate the option to modify the shoulder straps to match their bodies. The straps should be composed of high-quality fabrics and are easily adjustable by hand.

Ability To Prevent Theft Is A Must

There are several anti-theft measures to look for in a waterproof laptop bag. The most significant feature to look for is a concealed zipper. This zipper should be hidden from view and placed in a difficult-to-find location. 

It should have a locking mechanism that can only be opened with a padlock, key, or combination. Look for a locking system with a combination lock as well.

TSA-Friendly Laptop Bags Give You Extra Advantages

When travelling with a laptop, you should make sure you are ready for the security check. This will not only guarantee that you get through safely, but it will also save you time.

One of the simplest methods is to purchase a laptop backpack explicitly designed for TSA requirements. These backpacks are TSA-friendly, which means all pockets have zippers that can be readily accessed, rather than having to untie a strap or something else, which may create a significant delay as you wait to pass through security.

Final Words:

In this article, the details of several laptop bags are shared, which will help you to buy a quality full  laptop backpack. And by following the buying guide you can choose your favourite laptop backpack easily.

Thank you for reading our post about the top 10 waterproof laptop backpacks for 2023. We recognize the overwhelming number of alternatives makes finding a waterproof laptop bag difficult. 

Our post will serve as a list of the top waterproof laptop backpacks for various scenarios. Don’t delay, get your favourite laptop backpack as soon as possible. And please let our team know in the comments which laptop bag you like and will purchase in the future.


Is it OK to carry a laptop in a backpack?

Yes, carrying a laptop in a backpack is very acceptable. You may put your laptop in a laptop bag and carry it about with you if you have one. If you don’t have a laptop bag, you can carry your laptop in another padded compartment bag. 

Where should I put my laptop in my backpack?

It is essential to locate a safe, secure, and convenient location to keep your laptop while you are on the go. When determining where to store your laptop in your backpack, you have several alternatives, including putting it in a padded sleeve, a laptop backpack pouch, or the main compartment.

Can laptops get damaged in a backpack?

Laptops can be damaged if not properly stowed in a backpack. Make sure your laptop is protected by a laptop sleeve and is not in direct touch with other things in your luggage. Also, consider a padded laptop bag or a backpack with an adjustable shoulder strap to prevent putting undue strain on your laptop.