How To Fold A Pop Up Tent: Easy Way & Less Fuss

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Fold A Pop Up Tent

Are you finding it exhausting to wrestle with your pop up tent to put it back in the bag? Don’t worry; we’ll tell you the simplest and fussless way. It’s common among travelers who love to camp; many find it hard to fold it up. That’s why despite having the urge to go camping, they avoid it. But you don’t have to do it anymore, follow our article, and you’ll know how to fold a pop-up tent.

Despite their versatility and easy usage, people tend to avoid using pop-up tents because of the struggle they have to do while folding them back after using them. But you don’t have to worry about that, as simple tricks like getting a tight grip on both sides, cleaning the dust, pulling the center pole first, etc., can minimize your struggle. 

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Are Pop Up tents easy?

Pop-up beach tents are in huge demand when it’s summertime. It’s an excellent companion for travelers as they can set themselves up, so you don’t have to do much work. It’s a superb choice for occasional campers for wild or festival camping and good weather conditions. But it is only suitable for warm summer weather because it doesn’t perform well when weather is your primary concern.

However, it’s easier with pop-up tents because you won’t have to wrestle with ten poles. Also, it’s easier to find out how to assemble the rain fly with the pop-up tent body. Pull up the tent from the storage bag, and it will set itself up. Then it will be fully set for you to get a sound sleep in the forest.

But the trouble begins after the morning when packing up the tent again. You may try to fold it repeatedly, but it explodes when you lose your grip. It’s more like wrestling as you can’t fold pop up tent, where it keeps returning to form. So, pop up tents are easy to set up but not in packing up.

How do pop up tents work?

Pop-up tents mainly work with tent poles. They have pre-attached spring-loaded tent poles with their body. The storage bag keeps these poles compressed and the tent folded. But after taking it out of the tent bag, the spring forces the bars to set itself up.

How to Fold a Pop Up Tent Step by Step

Pop up tents are popular among campers and sellers who sell in open markets. It gives easy and quick shelter to people, but folding it back into the storage bag is quite a hassle. However, you can easily fold it with proper knowledge and some tricks. But these tricks slightly vary with different sizes and usage.

Pop Up Large Tents

Pop Up Large Tents

The pop-up large dome tent is the most common among all pop-up tents. It has two upright poles and one horizontal pole with one/two ventilations on the sides. Follow these steps to fold a 4-sided pop-up tent-

Step 1: Clean the tent before folding

As you set the tent outdoors, it is evident that dust and debris will find their way into it. So, you must remove dirt, sand, and dry leaves from the tent. If you do it after folding, there is a high chance of the dirt getting stuck in the tent folds. 

It is better to wipe down the tent with powdered laundry detergent and a soft rag. However, always remember not to pack away a damp tent. Otherwise, molds will grow inside it.

Step 2: Unzip the door

Go to the front of the tent and unzip the front door of it. This action helps the trapped air inside the tent to escape and makes it easier to pack up.

Step 3: Fold the top two spring tent poles together

Stand beside the tent, grab the middle of the rear base pole, and fold upwards. Keep doing it until you meet the roof tent pole. Stretch out to get a grip on both sides and pull them together.

Step 4: Lift the tent and rotate

Lift the tent and stand it up on its side. Now if you look at the tent, it will look like a giant taco. Keep holding the four poles when you flip it to its side. Move the open side of the taco shape to the ground side so it can rest against the ground.

Step 5: Pull down the top poles to your backhand

Stretch your hands again to hold the four tent poles together, then reach to the upper part of the tent. Then grab the back of the tack-shaped tent and bring it down to the other hand. Press the tent to the ground to flatten it under your feet.

As the poles are not heavy, you need minimal force to bring the tent down. Also, the poles are flexible, so they won’t break even if you stretch them out.

Step 6: Slide rings

Now comes a question, how to fold pop up tent into circle? After folding the tent under your feet, you see two overlapped circles. Slide the rings one under the other and press down the ten for air escape. Now the tent will come into a circular shape. 

Step 7: Bag it up after pressing and sealing the tent

If you let go of the grip on the pop-up tent, it will spring back into a tent shape. So, keep a firm grip while folding the poles. Press it with your hands and knees to make space for all the leftover air to go out.

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Pop-Up Beach Tent

Pop-Up Beach Tent
Pop-Up Beach Tent

Pop-up beach tents are usually smaller than other tents because people use them to sit on the beach. They usually don’t use it to sleep on it. That’s why their shape and size are a little different than others. Follow the below-mentioned steps to learn how to fold a pop-up beach tent-

Step 1: Clean off the dust and debris from the tent

It’s mandatory to shake out the dust and debris from a beach tent before folding it because it gets easily covered by sand. Tip it over and clean out the trapped sand and dirt. Then scrub the tent with water and detergent if possible to remove stains.

Step 2: Get a grip on both sides of the tent

Stand in front of the tent’s zip. Grab the closest pole from there and get a grip on both sides of the tent. Unzip the door if it has a cover. As beach tents are smaller, they don’t have a pole alongside the tent’s width.

Step 3: Fold both sides

After grabbing the pole and sides of the tents, fold them together by pushing them towards the center, then press them flat against the ground. Now it is meant to look like an oval shape.

Step 4: Fold the tent over by bringing to sides together

Don’t remove your pressure from the tent. Otherwise, it’ll again get back to its regular shape. Rest your knee on the oval-shaped tent, then pull up one side to bring it over onto the other.

Step 5: Pack up the tent back into the bag

Wrap an elastic band around the tent and put it inside the bag. Then zip it up and put it in a clean place until the next use.

Pros & Cons Of A Pop Up tent

Everything has its own sunny and dark sides. Pop-up tents are no exception in that case. Here are the pros and cons of them to let you know better-


  • You can use pop-up tents in more different secluded areas than larger campers.
  • They are light, easy to carry, and you can easily tow them in smaller vehicles.
  • They are less pricey than larger campers.
  • You can easily find used pop-up campers that are on sale at lower prices.
  • You can find enough comfort while spending quality time in a pop-up tent.
  • Even though they don’t come with many luxuries, you’ll have a pleasant camping experience using them.
  • They keep you warm in spring and fall’s chilly weather and cool in summer’s hot weather.
  • They quickly fold up and hook up, making setting it up in your desired places easier.
  • You can add modern features like a bathroom, shower, hot water, etc.


  • Setting up a pop-up tent can take a long time.
  • They are smaller in size than hard-sided campers.
  • They are less water-proof.
  • They are not durable enough for regular use and perform poorly in bad weather.
  • They don’t have much space because of their compact design.

Watch the video to learn - How To Fold A Pop Up Tent?


Should I roll or fold a tent?

It’s better to roll a tent than fold it. Most expert campers and tent manufacturers recommend loosely folding it and then rolling it because rolling a tent is dense and easier to manage. 

Do pop-up tents fly away?

Manufacturers make pop-up tents lightweight, making them easy to transport and assemble. However, this light tent’s enemy is the wind. Strong winds can make your tent fly away.

Are pop up tents good for rain?

You can use pop-up tents in the rain like regular camping tents. But not all pop-up tents are waterproof; if your tent is less waterproof, you may get drenched if it suddenly starts raining.

What are the features of a pop up tent?

Pop-up tents are made of nylon or polyester, which are waterproof and lightweight materials. These materials

Final Words

After reading this article thoroughly, we hope you know all the tips and tricks about how to fold a pop up tent. Pop-up tents are travel friendly and can be used in your local business. 

Still, you may want to avoid using it for the hassle of putting it back in the bag. But we are optimistic that your thoughts have changed after knowing the simple steps to do it. You should remember always hold a tight grip on the poles and sides of a pop-up tent while folding it back. Happy camping!

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