What to Wear Camping in Summer in 2023

What to Wear Camping in Summer
Summer camping dress

Are you getting ready for a summer camping travels? If so, let me know what to wear camping in summer. Stay comfortable and enjoy your outdoor adventures with the right camping clothes.

This blog post will explore the best clothing for summer camping. We’ll look at the types of clothes you should bring and how to choose suitable materials to stay calm and dry during your trip. Read on to learn more about what to wear camping in summer!

The Best Clothing to Pack for Summer Camping Travel

If you’re planning on spending time outdoors this summer, at the lake or the local state park, there are some specific clothing items you’ll want to pack in your backpack when you head out to camp. Even if it’s just overnight, you’ll be glad to have these items with you once the sun goes down and the temperature drops. I’ve broken them into three categories: essentials, travel accessories, and essentials for every trip.

Planning a vacation camping trip can take a lot of work to know what to bring and what not to bring. But if you pack your camping trip correctly, you’ll be able to stay more comfortable as you experience the great outdoors! And if you want to pack your summer dress in a backpack under 100 dollars, you can read our article on “best hiking backpack under 100 dollars.” To help you get started, here’s our list of the best clothing to pack for a vacation camping trip.

The Basics: T-Shirts, Shorts, Swimsuits

When it comes to loading for a vacation camping trip, the basics are fundamental. T-shirts, shorts, and swimsuits are essential items that help you stay comfortable while enjoying the outdoors. 

T-shirts are the perfect option for a hot day of hiking or lounging around the campfire. Choose breathable materials such as cotton, linen, or synthetic fabrics that wick away moisture. Be sure to pack at least one long-sleeved shirt in case of the temperature drops after dark. 

Shorts are also great for summer camping because they let your skin breathe. Bring a few pairs of lightweight shorts in various colors and materials to prepare for any weather. Remember a few rainproof shorts if you plan to hike in the rain! 

Finally, remember to bring a swimsuit. Whether swimming in a lake or taking a dip in a river, having a swimsuit on hand can make all the difference in keeping calm when the temperature is high. Choose a swimsuit with built-in UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) for extra protection from the sun. 

Outerwear: Jackets, Raincoats, and Hats

It would help if you prepared for the sun, rain, wind, and even mosquitos when camping in the summer. Knowing what type of outerwear to pack for your journey can ensure you are comfortable and safe in any weather. 

A lightweight jacket is essential for summer camping trips. A windbreaker or fleece jacket can provide enough protection from wind and rain while still being light enough to keep you calm in the summer heat. Look for a coat with a hood, drawstrings, and waterproof fabric to keep you dry in case of rain. 

Having a waterproof raincoat is also essential when camping in the summertime. Choose one that is lightweight, breathable, and fits properly, so you don’t get too hot. Consider a poncho-style raincoat, which can also double as a tarp to protect your gear from the elements. 

A cap is also an essential part of your summer camping wardrobe. Choose one that is waterproof and has a brim to keep the sun out of your eyes and protect you from the rain. Look for hats with adjustable straps for a secure fit, and make sure to pack an extra cap in case of bad weather. 

By packing the right outerwear for your summer travel, you can ensure that you stay comfortable and protected from the elements. With the proper clothing, you can enjoy your outdoor adventure without worry!

Footwear: Sneakers, Sandals, and Flip-Flops

Footwear should be your top priority when deciding what to wear camping in summer. Camping in the summer can be an enjoyable activity, but if you need the right shoes, it can quickly become a very uncomfortable experience. Make sure you are packing sneakers or hiking boots that provide plenty of support and cushioning for long walks on uneven terrain. Bring a pair of sandals or flip-flops if you plan to take a dip in a nearby lake or stream. Whichever type of shoe you bring, ensure you have the proper protection from rocks, thorns, and other hazards you might come across.

Remember to pack something comfortable for lounging around camp. It may be tempting to throw on jeans or cargo pants for dinner, but this will lead you back to the discomfort zone. Try wearing something lightweight with a little stretch, like linen pants or yoga shorts, so you can quickly get comfortable around the campfire.

Extras: Sunglasses, Sunscreen, and Insect Repellent

When it comes to camping during the summer months, there are a few extra items that you’ll want to make sure to bring with you. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and insect repellent are all essential for keeping yourself safe from the elements and ensuring that your camping trip is as enjoyable as possible. 

Sunglasses are vital for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. Choose a pair with polarized lenses and UV protection to safely enjoy being outdoors without squinting.

Sunscreen is another must-have when camping in the summer. Make sure you choose a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Remember to reapply every two hours or more if you’re swimming or sweating.

Insect repellent is essential if you want to keep those pesky mosquitoes away. Look for DEET-based products that have at least a 20% concentration. Be sure to reapply if you find yourself in an area with more biting bugs than usual.

Camping Outfits + Essentials

General Tips

When heading out camping in the summer, it is vital to have suitable clothing and gear. What you wear can make or break your camping experience, so think about what to model camping in summer before you head out. Below are some tips for dressing for summer camping trips. 

First and foremost, always bring layers. Even during the summer, temperatures can fluctuate at night and become chilly. Bring a long-sleeve shirt and a lightweight jacket, such as a hoodie, to keep you warm. 

Also, remember to bring clothes that are both breathable and comfortable. Look for light fabrics like cotton or linen that help keep you calm outdoors. Avoid heavy fabrics like denim that may be too hot in the sun. 

It’s also important to consider protection from the elements. Consider bringing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from sunburns. In addition, bring a raincoat or waterproof outerwear to keep you dry in case of showers. 

Finally, remember to pack comfortable shoes. Sandals or water shoes are ideal for warmer months, as they’ll help relax your feet. If you plan on hiking or going for walks, pack a pair of sturdy shoes that provide good support and traction. 


When packing for a vacation camping trip, choosing the proper clothing is essential to keep you comfortable and stylish. Choose lightweight, breathable tops that protect from the sun and bugs to stay cool in the warm weather. Here are some of the best tops to wear while camping in the summer:

1. T-Shirts: T-shirts are easy and comfortable for vacation camping trips. You may wear them as a base layer with a sweater or a jacket, and they come in various colors, cuts, and fabrics. Choose t-shirts made from lightweight materials like cotton or linen for added protection from the sun and bugs. Choose long-sleeved shirts if insects tend to bother you. Sun-protective clothing is also a great option since it protects your skin from harmful UV rays and protects against insect bites as well. Finally, pack some dresses to give yourself more options for dinner or any other night on the town during your camping travel!

2. Shorts: If you’re going on a hiking or biking adventure, there might be better ideas than shorts because there’s potential for injury if you get scraped up by something sharp on the ground. However, shorts are perfect for swimming at campgrounds with water slides or pools where getting wet is inevitable! You’ll want short shorts (make sure they cover your knees) so you don’t have too much skin exposed when jumping into the water with all of those strangers


It’s important to know what to model camping in summer to stay comfortable and safe during your adventure. When it comes to bottoms, you have a few great options. If you’re hiking or doing a lot of activities, then a pair of lightweight, quick-dry hiking pants are ideal for protecting your legs from the elements and bugs.

You can’t go wrong with lightweight shorts for those more relaxed nights spent around the campfire. They will keep you cool and are comfortable enough to sleep in if needed. A pair of shorts with pockets is also an excellent choice for carrying small items like maps and snacks. Finally, ensure you bring a pair of sturdy boots or shoes that can handle walking on uneven terrain. In addition to being stylish, they offer support and protect your feet from dirt, rocks, sticks, and insects!

Footwear: Sandals, Sneakers, and Hiking Boots

When camping during the summer, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what to wear. Choosing the right outfit for a comfortable and safe camping experience can be tricky with many options.

Here’s what to wear camping in summer: Sandals, Sneakers, and Boots: Three types of footwear are suitable for a hot weather camping trip – sandals, sneakers. Sandals or sneakers will work great if you’re taking a leisurely hike or just staying close to camp all day.

If you’re planning on doing more rigorous activities like rock climbing or white water rafting, then hiking boots would be better suited because they offer much better traction than shoes with thinner soles (explicitly made for walking).

All types of footwear should have closed toes, protecting your feet from rocks and other debris. Due to cooler air at higher altitudes, your body temperature may drop at night, so dress warmly. Plus, the cooler weather at the most pleasant times of the night.

Outerwear: Lightweight Jackets and Raincoats

Here are some guidelines for selecting the best summer camping outerwear: -Raincoats are available in various materials, including waxed cotton and coated nylon, which are water-resistant and breathable. When combined with a lighter jacket, waterproof shells provide an extra layer of defense in extreme conditions. -Jacket styles vary depending on the activity but are an essential component of what to wear camping in summer.

Ventilation systems allow heat and moisture buildup to escape. -Rain pants provide additional protection from wet ground, muddy terrain, and precipitation while remaining lightweight enough not to feel cumbersome or bulky. After that, you can start looking for a campsite and planning your itinerary for when you get there.

Sleepwear: Pajamas and Sleeping Bags

When planning what to wear camping in summer, it is essential to prepare for any weather. While temperatures during the day can be pretty hot, temperatures at night can be much more relaxed, so you’ll want to pack layers. Pajamas are a must-have when camping in summer since they will keep you warm while sleeping and provide an extra layer of protection in case of the temperature drops unexpectedly.

Make sure you pack lightweight pajamas made from breathable materials such as cotton or polyester that are comfortable for sleeping in. Also, bring a suitable sleeping bag so you can stay toasty throughout the night. There are many different types of sleeping bags available on the market, so make sure to choose one that fits your climate needs.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

How to pack camping gear for your next vacation camping trip?

It’s always early enough to plan for next summer’s trip! The first thing to do is to pick the location and date of your vacation trip. After that, you can start looking for a campsite and planning your itinerary for when you get there. Once that’s taken care of, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what travel equipment and supplies you’ll need.

How do use pack clothes for summer camping?

Packing clothes for summer camping can be challenging because of the range of temperatures. But it doesn’t have to be if you pack wisely! Make sure to include clothing that can layer as the day progresses from morning to evening, and keep these four pointers in mind:

1) Pack breathable and moisture-wicking clothes.

2) Include some warmer layers like sweatshirts or fleece jackets.

3) Bring at least one set of workout clothes to take advantage of any spontaneous physical activity or exercise opportunities.

4) Bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 for sensitive skin.


Is it essential to pack hiking sandals and running shoes?

There is no rule about what shoes you need for your hiking trip. The best way to know if you’ll need a boot, sandals, or running shoes is to pack your pack and decide what kind of journey you are going on.

How to use a bucket hat and a fanny pack?

A bucket hat and a fanny pack are two items that are opposites in terms of design and function. Sun protection is the primary function of a bucket hat, and a fanny pack is a convenient place to keep your items while you go about your day. There are many ways to wear both of these items to find the most comfortable option for your body type.


Now that you know what to wear camping in summer, it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy your adventure! Your camping trip will succeed if you plan and bring the right clothes. By considering the weather, temperature, activities, and safety, you can ensure that you have all the necessary items for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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