How To Use Tent Stakes [ Step-By-Step Guide ]

How To Use Tent Stakes
Tent Stakes

While camping with your family and friends, you would never want your tent to blow up due to a windstorm. To avoid such an embarrassing situation, you must use tent stakes to protect your tent. It is essential to use tent stakes correctly to provide maximum strength to the tent. That is why you must know how to use tent stakes to prevent your camping from becoming a disaster. 


To place tent stakes perfectly, first, find a clean and even surface. Next, tap your stakes with different tools depending on the type of ground. Then, stake the corners by holding the tent stakes in an equal line to the seams. Lastly, to strike the tent stakes perfectly inside the ground, you must place them at a 90-degree angle.


Are you interested in learning about the steps more elaborately? If so, continue reading the article to have a great camping experience.

How To Use Tents Stakes- 4 Simple Steps

Using tent stakes is easy if you know the correct methods. Follow the below steps to use tent stakes properly-

1. Find A Clean Space

free space for tent stakes
Free space for tent stakes

Whether camping on the beach, in the forest, or on hills, you must always choose a flat and clear surface. If the surface area is uneven or has rocks and tree roots, you will be uncomfortable sleeping. Also, it is hard to use tent stakes on uneven surfaces. So, when you reach your camping, always look for clean and even surfaces with no lumps. 

Moreover, you can clean the place by picking up the rocks and other items from the grounds. Once you clean the ground, you can set your tent up.

2. Tap Your Stakes ( 3 Types of Ground)

To penetrate tent stakes inside the ground, you must tap it. Tapping the stakes helps secure your tent. But do you know how to tap tent stakes? It is an easy task. You will need tools like mallets, rocks, and guylines to anchor your tent

However, the tapping style differs on surface areas like rock, snow, and sand. You will need different tent stakes or ground anchors for various grounds. Tapping techniques for three different types of grounds are mentioned below-

– Soft Ground 

Beach sand and soft soil fall under the category of soft ground. Sand and soft soil have lesser holding power, so it is best to use screw stakes for heavy duty. You can stake your tent on the soft soil with your hand or foot. However, if the soil has grass, tap the tent stakes with a rubber mallet. 

When staking inside the soft sand, it is best to dig the ground with your hand and find a sticky layer to place the tent stakes. Doing this will help the grip tool or stakes to get maximum holding power. 

– Rocky Ground 

While placing camping tents on rocky ground, it is best to use nail-style or shepherd’s hook-style tent pegs. These tent pegs can create gaps between the rocks if you twist them back and forth. Always use a mallet or a flat rock to tap the stakes inside the rocky ground. If you use your hand or foot, the tent stakes might break or bend due to uneven pressure. 

In the case of big rocks, using guy lines is best for securing your tent. Tie up the guy lines to each tent stake and use small rocks to bring the guy line down. 

– Snow Ground 

There are special snow stakes for camping tents. Aluminum tent stakes are best to anchor your tent on the soft snow ground. However, nail-type tent pegs are easy to penetrate the hard frozen ground. Now, to tap tent stakes inside the snow ground, you can use a mallet or a strong wood that can generate enough force.

3. Stake The Corners Of The Tent

Stake The Corners Of The Tent
Stake The Corners Of The Tent

Paying attention to how you stake the corners is essential as it ensures maximum space inside and distributes equal tension on all sides. Before tapping a stake, hold it so it remains in line with the tent seams.


For better placement of tent pegs, tap two tent stakes on opposite sides. Then, place the third stake without messing up the angle of the other two stakes. If you mess up the angles, the tent stakes will lose their holding power. Finally, place and tap the fourth stake and make sure all the tent stakes have even tension.

4. Strike The Stakes Straight Into The Ground

You have already learned what type of grip tool and tent stakes you should use on different types of ground. But do you know how to strike the stakes perfectly? If not, this article will back you up. 


Place the tent stakes perpendicularly at a 90-degree angle to the ground to strike them perfectly. It will help to increase the soil wedge, providing resistance against the tent stake. Also, it will ensure maximum penetration. Following this trick will secure your tent by providing stability and support.

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Why Use Tent Stakes? 

Tent stakes provide strength and stability to your tent. The weather might not always support you. That is why you must use tent stakes to anchor your tent to protect you from wind and rain. Also, it prevents the tents from breaking in harsh weather. 

How Deep Should Stakes Be? 

To ensure your tent has good stability, you must stake it deep enough to have maximum holding power. Tap the stakes 18 inches deep inside the ground to secure your tent from high winds. 

How Long Do You Tent Stakes? 

The standard length of tent stakes is 6 inches. The performance of the tent stakes varies depending on the type of ground. Generally, the longer tent stakes you use, the more stability and holding power your tent will have. So, when camping on soft ground where the soil has less stability, use longer stakes for securing your tent

Final Words

Knowing how to use tent stakes will make your camping experience easier. Using stakes on your camping tent is easy if you know the proper rules and techniques. Following the methods from this article, you can easily increase your tent’s stability and enjoy your camping.


There is no alternative to using tent stakes to keep yourself dry and protected in harsh weather. So, always use tent stakes to have a great camping experience!

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