How To Waterproof Canvas Tent By Using 7 Easy Steps

How To Waterproof Canvas Tent
Waterproof Canvas Tent

A waterproof canvas tent could help you enjoy your campaign time for longer. But if you need to remember to make the items waterproof occasionally, it turns out leakage, holes, and other issues. That is why learning how to waterproof canvas tents is crucial.

Waterproofing and seasoning are the two main steps to make your canvas tent waterproof. First, you need to set it up on level ground. Then, drench it in water or use a jet spray or pressure hose to wet it properly. Once the tent is completely soaked in water, leave it to dry. 

You need to figure out some more during the waterproofing session. Let’s learn it.

7 Simple Steps to Follow to Waterproof a Canvas Tent

The waterproofing ratings of any tent will stay more than a year or long. Maintain the ratings by making them waterproof once a month or occasionally. Two things need to be done for this: seasoning and waterproofing. 

At the beginning of the process, you need to season the tent. By following the steps below, you can also be steadfast to them.

Step 1: Set It Up On Level Ground

Set It Up On Level Ground
Canvas tent Set It Up On Level Ground

After returning from your camping trip, put out the tent and jump to the cleaning task and waterproofing. 

First, set the tent on level ground or put it on a flat surface. Ensure to erect the tent is accurately. Take help from any necessary gadgets like ropes, loops, and pegs.

Step 2: Grab A Pressure Hose Or Jet Spray

water spry for tent
water spry for tent

Next, you need to grab a pressure hose or jet spray. But don’t use a garden or single hose, as this can destroy the manufacturer’s waterproofing ratings of the tent. 

Apply a waterproof solution. Try to spray water all over the tent for at least 5 minutes or until you’re sure enough that the canvas has been fully soaked.

Step 3: Leave The Tent For Drying Completely

Leave The Tent For Drying Completely
Drying Tent

In this step, you need to leave the tent to dry completely. While drying, remember to keep it aligned with any protector. 

The soaking process of canvas tent waterproofing is now done. You should do this at least once per week, but it is recommended more often than that. The more you seasoned the tent, the less leakage it will produce. After finishing this canvas waterproofing seasoned approach, do check the interior of the canvas to ensure there is any water leaked through.

If the leakage still exists, use a seam-sealing product to make that area waterproof. Check below to find some fantastic products for sealing leaks on canvas.

Best Canvas Tent Waterproofing Product

Best Canvas Tent Waterproofing Product
Canvas Tent Waterproofing Product
  • Kiwi camp dry heavy-duty waterproofing tent;
  • Atsko Silicone water guard tent;
  • Nikwax Tent and gear solar-proof spray;
  • Scotchgard water shield waterproofing product;
  • Gear Aid seam grip TF tent fabric;
  • Star Brite waterproofing product. 

You can use wax for waxing canvas to hide leakage or damage. But if you want, choose any canvas waterproofing alternate also, such as 

  • Homemade canvas waterproofing 
  • Canvas tent waterproofing spray
  • Hawk tools canvas waterproofed
  • Boat canvas waterproofing etc.

Step 4: Choose the Right Waterproof Products for The Canvas

After seasoning the canvas, now it’s time to waterproof it. There are lots of products available in the market or online shops. 

Among them, choosing products from fluoropolymer and silicon sprays could be better. Both of them are made with solid silicon rubber. Again, fluoropolymer products have better water, oil, and weather resistance than others. You may use any product, but fluoropolymer spray is good to go. 

Apart from these, you can even use a seam sealer as an additional seam protection.

Step 5: Set Up And Clean

Set Up And Clean tent

Set up the tent and lay it down in a well-spacious place outdoors. When deploying the canvas, position all the poles and stakes righteously. Now, spray the liquid waterproofing on the canvas. Clean the tent properly when it gets dirty. Use a bucket of water and soap, and scrub the tent with any mild scrubber. 

For old tents, waterproofing canvas tents is crucial. But before that, making it dirty, stain, and mildew free is essential since it’s even higher than others. You can use any mildew cleanser for that job. Wash the tent thoroughly and then go for the next. 

Note: Remember to check out the manufacturer’s manual for the right waterproofing spray according to the tent material.

Step 6: Prepare The Waterproofing Treatment

Now, prepare the waterproofing treatment first. It could be done through either a spray bottle or with the help of a painting brush for rolling on. Choose a meeting to ensure that the product has been applied evenly. 

Using a sprayer to waterproof a canvas tent is vital in patching the spots.

Step 7: Allow It To Dry

After completing step-6, leave it for a while to dry. It requires more than 40–50 minutes. Repeat the entire steps 2–3 times as far as needed. 

Note: Do not do this task in rough weather or heavy rain. Otherwise, your tent won’t dry properly. Besides, make sure to check out the weather conditions before you plan to do this job.

How To Seal Canvas Tent?

How To Seal Canvas Tent
Seal a Canvas Tent

Sealing canvas tents is sometimes related to a finisher of the task of waterproofing canvas tents. Because in most cases, your mission of waterproofing canvas tents goes in vain for the unnecessary holes or leakage. Seasoning a canvas tent is similar to this task. However, herein are some simple ways to seal the canvas.

  • Use a water-repellency spray all over the tent. 
  • Apply some tent waterproofing spray or sealers on the holes or leaks.
  • Set up your tent and leave the tent to dry for 30–40 minutes.

Choose the best silicone waterproofing sealer that retains the water resistance power of the tent for a more extended period.

How Does Seasoning And Waterproofing Canvas Tent Work?

A seasoning product and a waterproofing product both work to expand and dry out the torn cotton fibre. Here, the waterproofing solution retains the water resistance power of the canvas it was made of. On the contrary, sealer works to seal the threads properly.

They even help to attach the departure parts like the previous shape. Therefore, a complete waterproofing task always depends on proper sealing and waxing.

How To Inspect That My Canvas Need Seasoning?

Both seasoning and waterproofing are indeed essential. But you may need to choose one between these two. Seasoning the canvas tent becomes more critical when pulling too tight in the corner.

Some canvas looks pretty soft in most cases, and the gap between the cotton fibres will be visible too quickly. Seasoning helps to re-sealing these gaps and repair the torn fibres.

Watch this video and learn How To Waterproof a Canvas Tent?


How Often Should I Waterproof The Tent And Treat The Canvas?

Could you waterproof and treat both your tent and canvas after returning from the trip? Again, you can extend its lifespan by treating and waterproofing the tent every 6–12 months.

Can I Use Silicone Waterproof On Canvas Or Tent?

Yes, it is recommended by the experts to use any silicon base waterproof on canvas or tent. Silicon waterproofing solutions provide long-lasting and durable barriers. 

Does Waxing Make Tents Waterproof?

Of course, sometimes waxing makes the tent waterproof and glossy. It keeps the tent naturally polished and is an excellent alternative to all sealing products.

Will My Tent Become Fully Waterproof After Doing This Treatment?

Waterproofing the tent is the most effective way to retain the tent’s water resistance. You can trust this treatment since it is the most potent and proven way.

Can I Use Nikwax On The Tent?

Nikwax is a well-known brand of waterproofing tents or canvases. This material is designed for outdoor or camping gear with heavy canvas materials.

Final Wrap

In conclusion, ensuring the tent’s waterproofing is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience. It is a challenging task, especially in rough weather. Following the steps outlined in this guide on how to waterproof canvas tent, including seam sealing, applying a waterproof spray, and maintaining proper tent care.

With proper waterproofing techniques and responsible maintenance, you can confidently embark on your camping journeys, knowing that your shelter will keep you dry and comfortable throughout various weather challenges. I hope you get the exact answer and get proper ideas about the guidance.

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